These are the 5 Best Restaurants in Toronto, According to a Food Writer Who's Eaten Just About Everywhere in the City

Canada's largest city has loads more to offer than just subzero temperatures. Apart from its reputation for great theater and film, the culinary scene has exploded in recent years. That's why we checked in with Jamie Milne, a Toronto-based food, travel and lifestyle blogger who documents all the fabulous things she's eating on Instagram. Here, five of Milne's absolute favorite Toronto restos, from a creative Middle Eastern eatery to the world's best hangover meal.

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1. The Good Son

"One of my go-to restaurants in the city is always The Good Son," Milne told us. "Not only is the interior absolutely beautiful, but the food will blow you away." Specifically calling out the spot's weekend brunch, Milne says her staples at The Good Son are steak tartare (with a soft-boiled quail egg) and spicy Brussels sprouts.

2. The Green Wood

Focusing on sustainable fare and local ingredients, Milne praises The Green Wood for its bowls, which give you the option of rice, greens or quinoa. Her go-tos include the salmon rosti (a shredded Yukon Gold potato fritter with smoked salmon, fresh cucumber, sour cream, dill and poached eggs) and the Tel Aviv Bowl (house falafel, chickpea salad, cucumbers, tomatoes, greens and olives and tzatziki).

3. Parallel

When it comes to this creative Middle Eastern Eatery (which Milne says serves some of the best Middle Eastern cuisine in the city), Milne says one menu item stands above the rest. "I think I could eat Parallel’s truffle hummus for breakfast, lunch and dinner—it's just that good," she tells us. Another standout is the restaurants sesame butter, which is made on site, making for some really top-notch tahini. "Also, you can't forget to order their falafel and shakshuka too," Milne adds.

4. School Restaurant

"When I'm in dire need of a hangover meal that will soak up the previous night, School Restaurant hits the spot," Milne admits. What does she order? Pancakes, of course. Specifically, School's Black n Blue Flapjacks, which are stacked high with blackberry and blueberry sauce, brown sugar butter, real whipped cream and pure maple syrup (it is Canada, after all).

5. Arthur's Restaurant

Arthur’s is a fairly new restaurant in Toronto that reminds Milne of some of her NYC favorites, including The Polo Bar and Sadelle's. With an extensive menu that includes staples like matzo ball soup and a hearty burger, Milne points to Arthur's Tower (a literal tower with fish, bagels, veggies and spreads) and the signature chocolate cake (which she says is reminiscent of the cake in Matilda) as standouts.

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