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The clothing we wear says a lot about who we are before we even open our mouth, but designer Laurie Lee is making the message even clearer. Her baller leather jackets are hand-painted with phrases and slogans in brightly colored graffiti lettering. And we’ve got to say, we’re pretty obsessed.

Lee offers a number of cheeky designs (like “Potatoes Gonna Potate” and “Make Me a Mixtape”) you can order directly on her site, or you can request a custom piece with a catch phrase or pattern all your own. She’ll even customize leather bags and shoes provided they’re compatible with her paints. 

Before launching her collection, Lee was an advertising exec and says her time writing slogans for brands and TV commercials is part of what inspired her. “I started thinking about how you could apply slogans to people—slogans that perfectly represent that person's personality in a nutshell.”

It’ll cost you a hefty $783 to have Lee paint your heart on your sleeve (custom designs start at $810), but no one ever said being the “Babest of Babes” was cheap.

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