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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last year, you know that Amy Schumer is a hugely talented writer, actress, comedian and all-around awesome person. She also, as it turns out, has a wealth of styling knowledge for anyone who’s not unattainably rail thin. Let’s revisit her chicest red-carpet moments.

schumer belt
Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

Contour the shape you want

If you’ve got a straight figure like Amy’s, create curves. A metallic belt draws the eye to the middle, while an asymmetrical neckline flaunts her toned shoulders and balances out the belt. Another optical-illusion trick? The thigh-high slit that subtly highlights your legs without wearing a miniskirt (which, as you’ll soon see, Amy’s no stranger to either).

schumer suitdress
Jemal Countess/Getty Images

Practice balance

The best way to rock a short hemline and low neckline, like Amy did at the 2015 Peabody Awards, is to contrast the va-va-voomness with a modest long sleeve. It’s modern and sexy but still elegant--and super handy if you’re not into showing your arms.

schumer whitegown
Jeffrey Mayer/Getty Images

Keep it simple

Jewelry is the funnest but not always necessary. Sometimes (read: when your hair and makeup are on point), less is way more. Here, Amy adds nothing more than a coordinating clutch to this minimal yet showstopping white gown and it works.

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schumer croptop
C Flanigan/Getty Images

Fear not the crop top

Crop tops: They’re not just for spindly teenage models! As Amy proves, only the slightest sliver of skin is needed. Something like this matching set is super flattering, drawing attention to the narrowest part of her waist. (Bonus points for the on-trend midi length.)

schumer whitesuit
Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

Borrow from the boys

You know what’s sexy? Dressing like a guy. Well, dressing like a guy if said guy was wearing an impeccably tailored white suit. That’s the key here: the cut. Leave a too-tight or too-loose version in its original off-the-rack state and risk looking like you actually borrowed someone else’s clothes. Remember: The tailor is your friend.

schumer printedmini
Steve Granitz/Getty Images

Know what works for you

Notice anything about the last five pictures? Yep, they all look pretty darn similar. That’s because Amy has figured out what works for her (think neutral colors and simple silhouettes). Once you figure out what styles you feel best in, stick to them. Of course you’re welcome to branch out, but what we’re saying is you shouldn’t feel beholden to trends that don’t suit your taste. Or your body.

schumer blue
Bravo/Getty Images

but don’t be afraid to venture out

An overwhelming majority of Amy's sartorial picks are black, white or both, but she also appreciates the occasional unexpected pop of color--in this case, a rich blue that complements her skin and hair. 

amy zac

Don’t take fashion too seriously

As evidenced by this photo showing “how Zac Posen was born," Amy is in this for the pure joy of playing dress-up--something we can all learn from.

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