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The shelves in your kids’ rooms are packed to the brim. But how many of the books on those shelves are truly reflective of your actual family makeup?

That’s where Loving Lion comes in. The super-thoughtful children’s book company allows families to personalize the storytelling narrative so that it accurately reflects the people in their clan.

To build your book, simply visit the website and select the main characters (mom, dad, daughter, grandma) that most look like you and the people in your household. These characters will then be inserted into a story called “Love Family,” about a happy family get-together, told through the eyes of a young girl playing with her cousins as they wait and wait for dinner. (You can preview it here.) Then pay your $28 (plus shipping) and you’re done.

For now, you’re limited to just the one story option, but the company has plans to launch even more titles down the road—hopefully in time for Christmas (says the mom with no idea what she’s getting her kids for Christmas…).

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