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It’s hot. It’s humid. And you’re carrying around a human watermelon under your boobs. There’s a huge difference between what you have to wear (ugh, pants) and what you want to wear (absolutely no pants). But there are unexpected upsides to fashion for two in the blazing heat: like, how you can finally give that pajama-dressing trend a try. Here are some new tips to keep in mind.

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dress pregnant summer dressing
Hatch Collection

Embrace the Sack Dress

Typical maternity wear involves a whole lot of Lycra and ruching—which isn’t always compatible with your overactive sweat glands. Take the gift the fashion gods laid at your feet and lean into the less-is-more trendiness of the sack dress. It touches as little skin as possible but still allows you to wear a bra. Toss one on with simple leather sandals and channel your inner Sofia Coppola.   

Hatch Collection ($195)

kimono pregnant summer dressing
Free People

Layer with a Kimono

A night out while pregnant presents its own set of challenges: abstaining from sangria, staying awake past 7 p.m., finding something remotely interesting to wear. For a pulled-together look, throw on a silky, lightweight kimono atop a stretchy LBD. And rake in the compliments.

Free People ($58)

pajamas pregnant summer dressing

Or Go All-Out in Pajama Dressing

Is there a look so cool, so fashion forward, so liable to confuse your mom? You might not normally dare to experiment with pajama dressing, but 35 pounds of excess humanity sounds like a pretty solid excuse to push the sartorial envelope. Either find a silk blouse in a size larger than you normally wear (slouchy is good). Or get real and pull a pair of slinky PJ pants over your ever-expanding belly. It’ll look extra cute with slide sandals and an IDGAF attitude.

Warehouse top ($105) and pants ($140)

flats summer pregnancy dressing

Build Up Your Flats Wardrobe

This is not the time to try and make heels work—especially when flats are chic as hell right now. (People are going so far as to wear them to weddings.) Just be sure to buy them half a size larger to allow for the freaky foot growth and ankle swelling that comes with pregnancy. 

Schutz ($170)

earrings pregnant summer dressing

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

When in doubt, dress light and minimally, and then go big with your earrings. They won’t stick to your skin like a statement necklace or stack of bangles. But they are an effortless look you can carry off well into your postpartum stroller-pushing phase.

Baublebar ($38)

Opening Image: Hatch Collection

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