10 Words You Might Be Pronouncing Wrong

You deserve to know the truth

Remember when we told you that the phrase “another thing coming” is actually “another think coming”? Yep, we’re still reeling. But it got us thinking: If something so ingrained in our lexicon was wrong, is it possible there are words we’re actually mispronouncing? Here, a list of ten common ones.

Word: GIF
The wrong way: gif
The right way: jif
Remember, it’s just like the peanut butter.

Word: Sherbet
The wrong way: shur-bert
The right way: shur-bit
But be honest, it’s delicious either way.

Word: Meme 
The wrong way: meh-meh 
The right way: meem 
Number one way to give away your age. 

Word: Acai 
The wrong way: uh-kai 
The right way: ah-sigh-ee
As in, acai what you did there. 

Word: Mauve
The wrong way: mawve
The right way: moave
It should rhyme with “grove”…for whatever reason.

Word: Mischievous
The wrong way: Mis-chee-vee-us
The right way: Mis-chuh-vus
Making us think there’s an extra syllable--now that’s mischievous.

Word: Cache
The wrong way: cash-ay
The right way: cash
Ignore the “e” at the end, it’s just being pretentious.

Word: Silicon
The wrong way: sil-uh-cone
The right way: sil-uh-cahn 

Unless you’re talking about breast implants, don’t say "cone."

Word: Ennui
The wrong way: en-ew-we
The right way: on-wee
Escape the ennui of small talk by telling someone all the words they pronounce wrong.

Word: Prerogative
The wrong way: per-ah-gu-tive
The right way: prer-ah-gu-tive
Yep, technically you should pronounce that first "r."