There Are 5 Eyebrow Shapes—Which Do You Have?

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By now we know that eyebrows are not one size fits all. For example, you’ve got your Lily Collins and Cara Delevingnes of the world, who have faces that support big, full brows. But then there’s Olivia Wilde and Elizabeth Hurley, who look the most stunning with thinner, more groomed styles. And on top of that, they all have different shapes, which is arguably the most important brow characteristic of all. Wondering where yours fall? Peep the list below to find out which eyebrow shape you have, then shop our recommended products to keep them looking fresh.

I Always Get Compliments on My Brows—Here’s Every Product I Use on Them

cara delevingne arched brow
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Soft Arch

Best for Heart-Shaped Faces

A slight, gradual arch is universally flattering, but the small uptick near the outer end helps to balance out a longer chin by drawing the eye upward.

Products you should use: Brow mascara will keep your arches soft and fluffy, sans harsh lines—just the way you want them.

raven simone steep arch brows
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Steep Arch

Best for Square Faces

Contrary to popular belief, a high, curved arch won’t make you look perpetually surprised if you have a broader, more square face shape. It will actually soften and elongate your bone structure, making everything look less harsh.

Products you should use: A brow pencil is your best friend. Fill in any sparse areas and enhance the shape with thin, quick, hair-like strokes that add definition instead of a heavy, tattooed-on appearance.

lily collins s shaped
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Best for Round Faces

There’s nothing more youthful than a round face. Lean into it with a full, playful brow silhouette that lends structure to a circular face shape.

Products you should use: A cocktail of products is your best bet: Start with a pencil to define and fill in thin patches, and then brush hairs up and out with brow mascara to create a wispy look.

zoe saldana rounded brows
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Best for Diamond-Shaped Faces

Hello, bone structure. A curved brow with a gently angled arch will balance out the widest part of your face.

Products you should use: Brow powder applied with a small brush leaves a softer shadow-like appearance, which complements a curved edge. Stick to a shade or two lighter than you think you need or you’ll run the risk of things looking too drawn on.

natalie portman straight brow
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Best for Oval Faces

While a high arch can make a face look longer, a straight brow with a gentle, natural arch will help widen it. A good rule to follow: The farther from your nose the arch is, the broader your face will appear.

Products you should use: Brow pens offer the same precision as felt-tip eyeliner, but with more of a watercolor finish. Thin strokes will create hair-like dashes that keep things looking soft and natural.

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