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Most of us are creatures of habit. This is especially true when it comes to our makeup routines. (Raise your hand if you’ve been buying the same eyeliner for the last, oh, five years.) But the very things that used to work for you might now be working against you, because, well, let’s just say that your skin is maturing. Here are some sneaky ways you might be accidentally adding years to your face (and how to fix them).

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You're Wearing The Wrong Type of Foundation

Powders and matte formulas tend to settle into (and accentuate) fine lines. Instead, stick to a lightweight liquid foundation that has just enough coverage to even out your skin and add a healthy sheen.


You're Applying Blush to The Wrong Spot

Most of us default to putting blush just on the apples of our cheeks, but to really define and lift your features, you should blend the color up toward your cheekbones. On that note, stick to pink, peach or berry shades (which brighten up the complexion) and avoid anything that’s too brown (which makes you look dull and dated).


You're Using the Same Black Eyeliner

You’ve been rocking a solid black line on your lids for as long as you can remember—and though it used to frame your peepers nicely, it’s now somehow looking a bit harsh. Swap your inky liner for a deep brown instead. It’s warmer and will brighten up your eyes.


You're Loading On The Mascara

It’s easy to get carried away with mascara, but thick, spidery lashes will only weigh your eyes down. Instead, give your fringe a nice curl before going in with just two light coats of mascara using this nifty trick.

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You're Overarching Your Brows

Whereas bold, sculpted brows have certainly been trending, a slightly straighter and fluffier brow looks more youthful and is much easier on the eyes. First things first: Make sure that your brow pencil (or powder) is one shade lighter than your actual hair. Next, using short strokes, fill in any sparse areas and ease up on the arch. 

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