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You already know what ingestible vitamin C can do for your immune system, but do you know what topical vitamin C can do for your skin? Well, for starters, it’s the rare ingredient that works magic on everyone—no matter their age, ethnicity or skin type. Suddenly, it’s the trendiest thing in skin care, so we wanted to get to the bottom of why it’s so special. 

Vitamin C fades sunspots and acne scars. When included in a serum or cream, the vitamin inhibits pigment production so you get a more even-toned complexion everywhere.

It revives dull skin. Vitamin C stimulates new collagen production, making your face brighter and tighter.

It’s an excellent wrinkle fighter. Want to get in on an anti-aging regimen but not sure where to start? Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that protects against UV exposure and free-radical damage—two major causes of premature aging.

Bottom line: Everyone can benefit from some vitamin C in their skin-care routine. Just make sure that it’s properly packaged, as the ingredient is prone to destabilizing when exposed to sunlight. (We like these individually sealed packets from Clinique, but you can also opt for any vitamin C serum that comes in a dark-colored glass bottle.) Layer it underneath your sunscreen every morning to reap the brightening benefits.

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