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This Shampoo Is a Dream Come True for Thin-Haired Ladies Looking to Amp Up the Volume

As the youngest in a long line of women with thin hair, I’ve been handed down basically every piece of hair-poofing advice you can imagine. (Foam rollers are your best friends! Short, layered cuts are less likely to fall flat!) And while these tips do certainly help, none of them were able to give me the bounce and volume I was so desperately searching for.

Then I tried VERB’s Ghost collection, a hair care line specifically designed for folks with thin strands. As the name implies, the Ghost products are supposed to be so light they practically disappear into your hair, just like a ghost.

I didn’t expect much to come from swapping my regular combo (a volume-enhancing drugstore brand) for the Ghost shampoo and conditioner ($16 each), but by the second wash I could tell something had definitely changed. My hair felt lighter, bouncier and softer. I was actually wearing it down instead of in my usual messy bun (a go-to style that prevents my hair from looking stringy and limp) and tossing my strands like a supermodel any chance I could. 

After a few more washes I was calling all the other thin-haired ladies who had passed on their beauty knowledge to me to share my awesome find. I even bought sets to gift to my sisters. (Sorry to ruin the surprise, guys.)

I’m obsessed with how soft my hair feels after I shower and really love that the line is totally fragrance-free (another way the products emulate their namesake phantom). It may be bad form in the dating world, but I am totally on board with ghosting if it will keep my hair looking Cindy Crawford-level good.

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