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Most of us don't think twice about the skin below our faces, but showing just a little bit of extra love to your neck right now can keep things looking smooth and taut for years to come. Here are five simple ways to ward off turkey neck. 

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Wear (Enough) Sunscreen

The most important thing you can do to keep your neck from getting crepe-y is (no surprises here) wearing sunscreen. And you’re going to need to use more than whatever’s leftover from your face. A general rule of thumb is to use a nickel-sized amount for your face alone and another nickel-sized dollop for your neck and chest. Luckily, the latest formulas look and feel much lighter than what we used as kids.


Cover It Up Outside

Wearing a large floppy hat or breezy caftan not only safeguards you against sunburn (and makes you the most stylish person at the pool), but it also limits direct UV exposure to your neck and décolletage (which keeps it smooth and free of sun spots in the long run). 

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Use Your Face Cream

Yes, you could buy a separate neck cream (and if you want to treat yourself, go right ahead), but generally speaking, anything you use on the face is fine for the rest of the body, too. Look for ingredients like peptides or retinols (both help to stimulate collagen growth in your skin).


Sleep on Your Back

It’s the best sleeping position for many reasons—one of which is that it helps to keep your neck slightly elevated throughout the night. When you’re sleeping on your stomach or side, you end up pressing your face and neck against the pillow. Over time, this can wear down the delicate skin here and cause fine lines.


Look At Your Phone Less

Thanks to our Instagram addictions, dermatologists have coined a term for premature aging: the tech-neck crease. You know those horizontal bands that are lightly etched into your skin? They can deepen over time if you keep staring down at your phone. The most obvious way to prevent this is to lessen your screen time, but we don’t want to deny you the pleasure of cat memes, so we’d advise that you at least hold your phone up closer to eye level.

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