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Let us paint a picture for you: It’s a blustery winter day. Waiting at home for you are your softest sweatpants, a new episode of The Crown and a face mask that will soothe your wind-burned cheeks while you sip on some tea. Sounds pretty perfect, right? Here are seven new masks on the beauty scene that will help make this cozy dream a reality.

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lush fomo jelly mask
Lush Cosmetics

Lush Fomo Jelly Face Mask

The ultimate fix for weathering winter, this jelly mask has everything you need to clear up a reddened face: calamine powder, rose absolute and neroli oil. Not only does the neroli oil even out your skin, but it also has the added aromatherapy benefits of boosting your mood so you won’t have a fear of missing out on anything this season. 

Lush ($14)

glam glow glitter mask list

GlamGlow Glitter Mask

Fans of GlamGlow’s cult-famous Gravity Mud Treatment will love its new glitter mask. It has the same skin-firming ingredients (like marshmallow and licorice-leaf extract), but it’s suspended in a sparkly base that peels off in one satisfying piece. And yes, this is exactly as fun as it sounds.

GlamGlow ($69)

make prem comfort mask
Glow Recipe

Make P:REM Comfort Air Sheet Mask

As soon as you unwrap this mask, you’ll notice that it’s much thinner and lighter than any of the others you’ve tried before. So rather than feeling like you have a big wet sheet on your face, you almost forget this is on. Add some soothing chamomile and aloe to the mix and you’ll understand why it’s our new favorite.

Make P:REM ($5)

savor beauty lavender mask
Savor Beauty

Savor Beauty Lavender Milk + Honey Face Cake Mask Mix

If you like the idea of a DIY mask but don’t necessarily want to go foraging around for all of the ingredients, this customized mix offers the perfect compromise. Each set comes with three packets of nourishing clay powders that you whip with milk (for more hydration), egg whites (for tightening) or water (for ease). Any way you mix it, you’ll end up with velvety soft skin.

Savor Beauty ($35) mask
Glow Recipe

ID.AZ CU-V Tension Sleeping Pack

We can always tell we’re really dry when the lines on our forehead are more pronounced. On those extra-parched days (think elephant trunk levels), we slather this creamy concoction on and let it work its magic overnight. Formulated by Korea’s top dermatology clinic, it blends ingredients like wild yam and turmeric extract to soften and firm skin while you sleep.

ID.AZ ($62)

first aid beauty ginger mask
First Aid Beauty

First Aid Beauty Hello FAB Ginger & Turmeric Vitamin C Jelly Mask

If you had to describe your skin in three words and "dull," "pale" or (eek) "lifeless" comes to mind, get thee a jar of this stuff—stat. It’s packed with a brightening cocktail of ginger, turmeric and vitamin C to give you back some of that glow you lost after Labor Day weekend.

First Aid Beauty ($32)

ren hydro boost mask
Ren Skincare

REN Flash Hydro-Boost Instant Plumping Emulsion

Disclaimer: This isn’t your typical mask. It’s more of a booster—or an extra shot of moisture—for when you’re feeling particularly lizard like. Massage it into wet skin to activate the hydrating ingredients (namely hyaluronic acid and xylitol) and top it off with some face lotion to finish. Whereas our makeup usually starts to look flaky and dry by mid-day, it remained smooth and almost dewy when we used this beforehand. 

REN Skincare ($42)

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