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Heres How to Get Rid of Pesky Ice-Cream Headaches
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It’s sweltering. One of those days when you’d sell your soul to the devil to feel a cool, if momentary, breeze. Then, just as you reach the point of near-collapse, you spot an ice-cream shop. It must be a mirage, you assume. But oh no, friend, it’s not. It’s the real deal and it’s calling your name. You sprint inside and order a heaping cup of mint chocolate chip. You shovel a few satisfyingly chilly bites into your mouth when tragedy strikes—a brain freeze.

But why?! We’re glad you asked. Basically, when you eat something super cold, the nerves in your mouth send a warning message to your brain, causing the blood vessels in your mouth to constrict, thus giving you a headache.

To get rid of it, you have two options, but the general idea is to warm up the roof of your mouth. This can be accomplished by either drinking or eating something warm, or pressing your tongue to the roof of your mouth, which will raise its temperature and send a signal to your brain that everything’s A-OK—you’re just trying to get your ice cream on.

We all scream for pain-free snacking.

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