What 2020 Means for Pisces

Get ready, Pisces! 2020 will be a year of abundance. Self-love, confidence and creativity will all come easily to you as you work to correct some negative perceptions about yourself and plan for the future. Emotions you’ve blocked in the past will resurface, but this time as an opportunity to work through them once and for all.

Love: This is a year about reflecting on past relationships rather than forging new ones. What hasn’t served you in the past? What patterns do you not wish to repeat? While your confidence and joy may draw others to you this year, it will ultimately be more about finding love with yourself than with others. 

Money: This spring, an eclipse will turn early-year losses into big, big gains, so it’ll be important to be flexible. Be willing to restructure financially and really dig into your own philosophies around money. There will be points this year where you’ll be feeling like you have the Midas touch, so it’ll be good to have your priorities in order so you know what to do with the newfound wealth.

Career: This will be a year where you find confidence and freedom in new ventures, so don’t be surprised if your career takes a different form than what you are used to. Go beyond your comfort zone. This will be a year when you find freedom and new ventures.

Health & Wellness: An increased focus on diet and exercise will come easily to you. This will be a fun year for your sign, and maintaining your health will be paramount to living it up to the fullest.

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