What 2020 Means for Capricorn

The next 365 days will be *the* time for Capricorns to focus their mind and really build the world they want to live in. 2020 will have goats finding new ways to make their lives unique and will be marked by a renewed enthusiasm for the things they love.

Love: You may struggle to find balance in your romantic life at the start of the year, leaving you feeling unloved and underappreciated. This will last until spring when communication improves, allowing love to bloom in summer and lead to something long-term. Have patience.

Money: This year brings positive energy to your finances. You’ll find opportunities abound when you stay the course and focus on long-term partnerships (not like you’ve ever had a problem with that). Now is not the time to give into outside influences or new endeavors. Now is the time to build assets.

Career: Capricorns won’t see a dramatic change in their career this year, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still room for growth. Focusing on relationships with coworkers and forging new alliances could lead to something big in the future, particularly at the end of the year when some of the skills you’ve been honing will prove very, very useful.

Health & Wellness: Capricorns will see the status maintained in this area as well. While 2020 won’t bring any major change or newfound interest in the health and wellness categories, it's important you maintain your work-life balance so you don’t allow health practices to fall by the wayside.

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