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Your Weekly Horoscopes: February 2 to 8, 2020

When everything is going as planned, there isn’t much room left to grow. But this week is all about growth as two planets are shifting into signs where they have to work a little harder to get things done. On the 3rd, communication planet Mercury glides into abstract Pisces. While Mercury loves details, Pisces wants to see the big picture and couldn’t care less about the specifics of how it comes together. On the 7th, sweet Venus enters Aries, the sign where Venus (the love planet) is said to be “in exile.” While Venus wants to compromise, Aries wants to win. Together, these changes are about imagination, bold romantic gestures and getting what we want at all costs. Let’s get excited to switch things up. 

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that will provide further insight.)

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10 Aquarius  

On the 3rd, you begin discussions with your boss or with a client about getting a raise or cutting a better deal for yourself. This is the time to bet on yourself. For the past month or so, you’ve been connecting with people and opportunities that share your values, but now is the time to figure out how these options actually translate into more cash. On the 5th, you might surprise yourself by skillfully handling a tricky negotiation. When you know your worth, the rest comes easily.

11 Pisces  

Are you feeling popular this week, Pisces? Or like you finally know who the real ones are? On the 3rd, an attempt to speak up for yourself goes awry when your words are misconstrued. Luckily, you have a close friend or colleague who defends you and clarifies what you meant. Any remaining awkwardness from this incident should blow over by the 7th, when you get a boost in self-esteem. It’s been a long time coming to have this feeling, so own it.

12 Aries  

Are you feeling pretty, Aries? You’ve been in a bit of a fashion and beauty rut for the past month or so, but starting on the 7th, you can’t help but express yourself. Skip the style trend that everyone else is going for and grab those red patent leather boots or go for the fantasy color at the salon. Allowing yourself this freedom can only boost your confidence. Get ready to turn some heads.

1 Taurus  

When you learn to trust yourself, you realize that you already have the answers you need. On the 3rd, a sweet gesture of support from a trusted mentor reminds you that you’re on the right path. You’ve always admired her, but now she’s proved herself to be a true friend, not just a role model. Starting on the 7th, you need a break from socializing after a very busy month, so spend the weekend getting lost in a page-turner of a novel or binge-worthy new series.

2 Gemini  

Starting on the 3rd, things get busier and more hectic at work, as your ruling planet Mercury enters your career sector. How can you better streamline your communications? Do you need to reorganize your inbox? On the 5th, a major problem comes up at the office that demands a very outside-the-box solution. Remember that you don’t have to solve everything alone. There are so many lifelines at your disposal. Ask someone for help.

3 Cancer  

Who supports your dreams, sweet moonchild? You’ve been in a future-oriented mindset for the past month or so, and on the 3rd, you are pleasantly surprised when your S.O. or a creative partner majorly validates all the scheming you’ve been doing. This assurance perks you up, and on the 7th you can’t help but turn heads at the office as you embrace the glow up. When you lead with confidence, the right people follow.

4 Leo  

A project that was put on the back burner gains momentum starting on the 3rd. Collaborators are excited, and all the logistics are falling into place. On the 5th, you might make a public statement about it or start speaking about the idea more openly. It’s really happening! There’s still a long road ahead––and many bumps along the way—but the more gratitude you have for this opportunity, the more likely you’ll bring this plan to completion. Trust the process and keep moving.

5 Virgo  

For the past month or so, you’ve been enjoying the sweet honeymoon (or honeymoon all over again) stages of your relationship. And whether it’s romantic dates with your spouse or conference-room yoga with your work husband, all the communication about it has really been intuitive. Starting on the 3rd, though, get ready for some deep––and existential––conversations. Amidst all the chatter, a breakthrough is possible on the 5th. Dream big together.

6 Libra  

On the 3rd, it’s confirmed that you’re so much more productive when you work from home. Beyond the novelty of taking phone meetings in your pajamas and having access to your favorite snacks, everything just flows better. But as Venus enters your relationships sector on the 7th, you are feeling a need to connect and be around more people. You can’t stay at home forever. How can you take the bliss of sending emails from your bed to go?

7 Scorpio  

Whether you recently drove off for a weekend getaway with your sweetheart or have been successfully making the rounds on the apps, you’ve likely been living in a bit of a romantic fantasy for the past few weeks. On the 5th, you’re moved to give a more casual relationship a serious chance. This type of connection isn’t something you would have prioritized in the past, but giving yourself a chance to play really solidified what’s important. Celebrate as you enter the next phase.

8 Sagittarius  

Something you really value (whether it’s cash, a family heirloom or a beloved friendship) has been missing. But on the 2nd, it mysteriously reappears as if no time has passed. If you’ve been struggling to stay grounded or make ends meet, take this tiny blessing as a sign that things are starting to turn around. On the 7th, as Venus moves into fellow fire sign Aries, your season of creativity and pleasure begins. Make time for what brings you joy.


Get ready to receive some life-changing advice from your sister (or a dear old friend) on the 2nd. It’s wisdom that you’ve needed for a long time but weren’t ready to hear until this moment. On the 3rd, take her words to heart and sit down to write out a revised list of resolutions and goals for 2020. Get creative with the presentation. Make a vision board and hang it above your desk. The more you check in, the more you get done.

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. You can follow her on Instagram , @jaimeallycewright, or subscribe to her newsletter. 

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