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Your neighbors are friendly…but do you live in one of the country’s happiest states? Researchers from Gallup and Healthways looked at a variety of criteria (like having pride in your community and financial security) to measure overall sense of well-being and quality of life. Presenting the top five happiest states of 2017. BRB, moving.

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The highest-ranked state in the whole country stems from a combination of super-awesome things: Hawaiians feel proud of their community, comfortable paying the bills and, overall, feel in good health. (We’re guessing all that fresh ocean air doesn’t hurt, either.)

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OK, it’s not as warm as Hawaii, but Alaska’s high rating is due to its residents’ solid social ties—their lives are chock-full of supportive and loving relationships. Not a bad way to live.

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South Dakota

This state scores in the top five for one major reason: The people who live there are psyched to call South Dakota home. In addition, residents feel a high level of safety and a low level of financial stress.

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Maine ranks high as a direct result of its proximity to the great outdoors. Its residents report having a feeling of good health and a ton of energy to get through their day. It also showed impressive happiness growth. (The previous year it ranked #22.)

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Like their neighbors to the north, Colorado residents reported feeling healthy and in shape. They also report a strong ability to stay motivated when it comes to achieving their goals and having a sense of purpose. (Also, look at that view.)

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