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A baseline level of stress is practically standard for New Yorkers (along with an innate BS meter and a walking pace that frightens tourists), but even we aren’t immune to feeling overwhelmed. And while we love our reliable neighborhood yoga spot, sometimes we need something industrial strength to really hit the reset button. Here are three new studios where bad vibes don’t stand a chance.

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the class taryn toomey NY
The Class/Facebook

The Class by Taryn Toomey

You know that scene in a movie where the heroine overcomes all her self-doubt and gets her life together? This is that, distilled into one majorly cathartic class that combines cardio intervals, plank work, donkey kicks and soul-cleansing shouts. You’ll leave feeling totally invigorated, with a little help from the serene, crystal-filled space (and Chanel and Tata Harper products in the powder room).

22 Park Pl., third floor (between Church St. and Broadway); 646-850-0937 or

woom center NY
Woom Center

Woom Center

We’ll admit it: Sometimes it’s hard to focus at yoga over the sound of our own mental to-do list (and usually a few cabs honking). This studio skyrockets you to mindfulness by engaging all your senses, using sound therapy, wall-to-wall visuals, aromatherapy and a potable “elixir shot.” You’ve never been to yoga like this, trust us.

274 Bowery, second floor (between Houston and Prince sts.); 646-678-5092 or

tracy anderson method NY
Tracy Anderson Method/Facebook

Tracy Anderson Method

The cult-favorite dance-cardio guru rolled out a new studio this month (with some help from her partner in wellness Gwyneth Paltrow), and it’s primed for the signature high-energy class, with shock-absorbent floors, precise studio temperatures, a “selfie room” (just what it sounds like) and an on-site café with recipes curated by GP. Stress, we hardly knew ye.

Two locations in Manhattan; 

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