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At least 90 percent of women experience morning sickness in the early stages of pregnancy. It totally sucks, but there are certain steps you can take to try to minimize its day-ruining effects. Here, eight simple tricks when you feel nausea coming on.

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morning sickness crackers

Eat Something Light Right Away

Keep a light snack like whole-grain crackers right next to your bed and slowly nibble on a couple as soon as you wake up. This helps get something in your stomach ASAP and might stave off nausea for a bit.

morning sickness water

Stay Hydrated

When you throw up, you lose fluids like crazy, so make sure to replenish. Being hydrated makes you feel better overall, so make sure to sip water consistently throughout the day.

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morning sickness temperature

Skip the Hot Lunch

At the peak of your morning sickness, it’s advisable to stick to cold or room temperature foods. Hot foods are more likely than cold to have strong aromas, and aggressive smells are a major cause of nausea during the early stages of pregnancy.

morning sickness scents

Notice Triggers

When it comes to morning sickness, smelling certain things can make you feel worse than eating. Notice what’s going on around you when you feel the most nauseous, whether it’s when you spray your favorite perfume or when your coworker makes popcorn every afternoon. Once you recognize triggers, do what you can to avoid them (like switching perfumes and taking a walk while your coworker snacks).

morning sickness snack

Graze All Day

Eating too much in one sitting can be taxing on your digestive system, so make a point to eat a number of smaller meals each day instead of three big ones, which are easier on your body and have a better likelihood of staying down.

morning sickness ginger

Embrace Ginger

Ginger has near-miraculous stomach-soothing powers, so make sure to get your fill when you’re feeling sick. Try sipping hot water or tea with a slice of ginger or snacking on ginger candy.

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morning sickness doctor

Consider Medication

If your morning sickness is really bad (you’re losing weight or getting headaches), consult your doctor, who might prescribe medication like an acid reflux blocker or an antihistamine. Some morning sickness is normal, but too much could be dangerous.

morning sickness open

Don’t Go It Alone

Be open about how you’re feeling. If you’re struggling big time and staying home from work is an option, do that. Also, be honest with your partner, who will probably bend over backwards to make you more comfortable. Suffering in silence will make you feel even worse than you do, so talk it out.

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