3 Adaptogens The Skinny Confidential’s Lauryn Evarts Can’t Live Without

Running her lifestyle empire, it’s no surprise that PureWow Coterie member Lauryn Evarts (the boss woman behind popular website The Skinny Confidential) is clued up on the latest buzz word in wellness—adaptogens. These herbs, plants and fungi are designed to help your body cope with stress, and help you be your best self—something Evarts is all about. Here, three adaptogenic powders that she relies on to keep her going each week.

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“Maca has protein, fiber, calcium, vitamin C, iron and over 20 amino acids. And it has this great caramel, nutty flavor so I love putting a scoop of it in a smoothie. It’s actually known to help with your sex drive, so I always joke that I seduce my husband with it! But I’ve also heard from holistic doctors that it’s great for your fertility and that it supports hormone balance. Oh, and it helps with endurance, which is great for sex, too.”


“I’m such a skin nerd, so I really pay attention to what works and what doesn’t. And with pearl powder, I totally notice a difference in my complexion. It makes skin plumper, gets rid of any fine lines and really hydrates. Now, what’s the really cool thing about pearl powder is that you can eat it (I put it in this chocolate smoothie recipe) or make it into a face mask by adding a little water to it. I like to put a teaspoon in my smoothie or put it on my face mixed with a few drops of skin oil to fight hyper-pigmentation.”


“Spirulina is the queen—if I could take anything, then this would be it. It’s this nutrient-rich, dark-green algae powder. (I’ve definitely gotten it on my hands many times and it’s almost like turmeric where it’s super pigmented, so be careful of that.) It’s filled with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll, which is great for altitude sickness (I always take some before I go skiing). I put a scoop in my smoothie or sometimes I’ll make oatmeal using Moon Juice’s spirulina protein powder mixed with some fiber cereal, almond milk and berries—it turns my oatmeal blue!”