There’s a reason Nora Ephron never wrote a romantic comedy set during the month of March. There are no steamy summer nights and no cozy holiday evenings by the fire. This transitional not-quite-winter-not-quite-spring stuff really has nothing going for it in the love department, so it’s extra important to take a little time to nurture your relationship. Here are three totally free ideas to keep things exciting.

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adult snow day

Plan an Adult Snow Day

Instead of wishing away this icky month like you typically do, use the less-than-ideal weather as one last chance to laze around, responsibility-free. Pick one day that both you and your partner can play hooky from work, then plan to do absolutely nothing. Well, except watch the Netflix show you guys have been meaning to binge, complete the crossword puzzle you never finish, bake the blueberry breakfast cake recipe you’ve been wanting to try (and eat it in bed) and play the board game you got for Christmas but never even opened. There’s only one rule: stay in your pj’s all day long.

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Have an ‘Affair’

Our current obsession? The book Girl Boner: The Good Girl’s Guide to Sexual Empowerment—it’s full of incredible tips about how to have a more passionate love life. In it, health and sexuality writer August McLaughlin recommends having an affair…with your spouse. You know that gorgeous gown you bought for some mythical special occasion that’s been hanging out in the back of your closet ever since? Tonight’s the night. Take your time getting ready, then text your spouse to meet you at that chic cocktail bar downtown you haven’t set foot in since your third date. All talk about kids, bills and errands are forbidden—get a little tipsy and see where the night takes you.

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Cook Their Favorite Childhood Meal

OK, this one might take some sleuthing. Call your partner’s grandma, dad, sister—anyone who might have some inside intel into what they used to love to eat for dinner as a kid. (Ideally, it’s a family meal an adult could still enjoy, like Mom's famous lasagna Bolognese…not four hot dogs with a side of Cheetos.) Later this month, randomly buy the ingredients to whip it up, then invite your better half into the kitchen to try cooking it with you. (Oh, and make sure to take lots of pictures for Grandma.)

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