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Whether you’re looking for the best of the best with all the bells and whistles (including facial recognition technology…what?) or something that just keeps you from getting shamed at the dentist, we’ve rounded up three of our favorites below.


Editors’ Pick: Oral-B Pro 1000 Electric Toothbrush

The Facts:

  • Pressure sensor stops rotation if you brush too hard
  • One fuss-free cleaning mode
  • Compatible with most Oral-B brush heads

One PureWow editor swears by this classic Oral-B electric toothbrush, saying, “I asked for this toothbrush for Christmas two years ago, because I had some issues with over-brushing. I made it to my late twenties without ever having a cavity (knock on wood) but got yelled at by my dentist all the time for going too crazy on my gum line and causing some recession. I credit this toothbrush with getting me out of the dentist’s chair without any scolding the past two visits, because it stops rotating when I’m brushing too hard, so I know when to lighten up.”

Buy It ($50)


Best Value: Fairywill Electric Toothbrush

The Facts:

  • Three cleaning modes: normal, sensitive and massage
  • Two-minute smart timer
  • Mini round toothbrush head for deep and precise clean

This toothbrush is proof that you don’t need to spend big bucks to get a dentist-approved smile. With an average rating of 4.5 stars on Amazon, it’s safe to say it does the job and does it well. The Fairywill has three cleaning modes to choose from so you can customize your brushing speed to your needs, and it also claims to whiten teeth within two weeks of continued use. One Amazon reviewer even said, “No joke, my tea stains are GONE. I am not exaggerating, they are completely gone,” and that was just after a few brushes. Whiter, cleaner teeth for a fraction of the price of professional whitening services? Three words: Add to cart.

Buy It ($20)


Splurge-Worthy: Oral-B Genius Pro 8000 Electric Toothbrush

The Facts:

  • Facial recognition helps detect where you’ve already brushed
  • Pressure sensor technology slows brush speed to protect from over-brushing
  • Six cleaning modes allow you to brush based on your needs

This toothbrush is a techie’s dream come true. It pairs with your smartphone to enable Position Detection, which uses facial recognition to help detect where you’ve brushed, so you never miss a side. It you tend to zone out while brushing, this tool will keep you in line and make sure you cover all zones. It also provides real-time visual coaching on brushing time and pressure to help you brush exactly how your dentist recommends. Plus, it’s also just fun to use.

Buy It ($180)

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