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Like watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians and spending money on crystals that are supposed to heal us, reading Goop occasionally fits in the guilty-pleasure category. Here, six of the site’s most enthralling and out-there stories, from conscious uncoupling to a $15,000 sex toy.

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crazy goop stories sex bark

“Sex Bark”

Wherein we learn how to make an aphrodisiac chocolate bar called—you guessed it—sex bark.

crazy goop stories spirit animals

“A Guide to Spirit Animals”

Wherein a Shamanic healer and intuitive explains how spirit animals can be harnessed for help in life, through meditation or totem form. (Followed by links to buy a $2,400 spirit-animal signet ring.)

crazy goop stories colonics

“The Nuts and Bolts of Colonics”

Wherein we learn about the importance of regularly hydrating and irrigating (their words) our five-foot-long colons.

crazy goop stories earthing

“Earthing: How Walking Barefoot Could Cure Insomnia and More”

Wherein a man named Clint Ober extolls the benefits of ditching one’s shoes in order to cure just about every ailment you can imagine.

crazy goop stories conscious uncoupling
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

“Conscious Uncoupling”

Wherein Goop—announcing Paltrow's separation from Chris Martin—coined one of the buzziest terms of the 2010s.

crazy goop stories sex toy

“Not-So-Basic Sex Toys“

Wherein Goop editors share their favorite *fancy* sex toys, including a $15,000 dildo (it’s 24-karat gold).

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