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8 Comments to Stop Posting on Other People’s Instagrams

In the age where so many of our daily interactions take place on the tiny backlit screen under our chin, it can be tough to distinguish between what’s socially acceptable to say on email versus Snapchat versus text messaging versus all the other apps in our lives. Here, eight things you should never comment on the ’gram.

1. Overtly fawning. “Ughhhhh, you’re literally perfect” seems sweet once but becomes sorta disingenuous when you leave it on every friend’s Insta.

2. Anything about FOMO. Don’t let the fear of missing out consume you. (It also looks a little desperate.)

3. Anything with profanity, especially if their family's in the photo. "So f*$%ing adorable" on the pic of your neighbor and her two kids (who probably also have Insta) is not a good look. 

4. "Photo credit!" Even though you snapped the pic, you shouldn't ask your BFF to include a shout-out on her birthday 'gram. (But all the offline kudos for your brilliant use of natural lighting.)

5. Double-entendre emojis. Baguette + water drops + drooling face on your coworker's latest rainy-day-in-Paris pic could be interpreted a number of ways...and most likely not how you intended. Always do a final emoji gut check.

6. “THIS IS SO ME.” Actually, it isn't. It's so Karen—who posted it. Don't be a thunder-stealer.

7. For that matter, anything in all caps. PLEASE DON'T YELL AT US!

8. And anything with tons of punctuation. We’re sure that new puppy is cute, but we’re not sure it’s “Cuuuuuuuteeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” You have a master’s degree, Sheila; keep it together.

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