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Whether you dream of making your pet Instagram-famous or you just want to stop settling for blurry memories, we’ve got a few tips for taking the best damn photos of your fluffy friend.

Forget about filtering: All you need is good natural light.

Reward your model…in snacks.

Your pet may get tired of solo shots. Involve friends!

Play to their strengths.

Clothing makes for an excellent prop.

As do babies…if you happen to have one of those, too.

And don’t forget about accessories.

Bath time can be a prime photo op.

Same goes for nap time.

Always give your subject some time to relax.

Take advantage of great scenery.

And use every holiday as a hilarious opportunity.

Or, treat any day like Halloween.

Last but not least, have a ball. (But really, the two things you need to know are: Bribe with treats, and take wayyy more shots than you think necessary. Editing is key.)

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