Hooray! Taylor Swift's ‘Lover’ Concert Special Is Coming to Hulu and Disney+

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Swifties, rejoice! You may not be able to see Taylor Swift live this summer, but starting May 17 you can at least stream a new concert special and get your Lover fix.

The TV special, Taylor Swift: City of Lover, will air first on ABC at 10 p.m. EST on Sunday, May 17 before moving over to Hulu and Disney+ for streaming on May 18. It will mostly feature footage from her September 9, 2019 concert in Paris (which was where she performed songs from her latest album live for the first time), but there are also apparently some behind the scenes shots and snippets of Swift sightseeing in Paris just like any other tourist (well, kind of).

The announcement of her concert special might have been a surprise to some, but super-fans seemed to already know something big was coming their way. Swift's followers have long been prone to dissecting every aspect of any and all social media posts made by the singer. On April 27 at exactly 5:08 p.m. Swift posted a blank-faced selfie with the caption "Not a lot going on at the moment," which could've meant she, too, has been bored and unproductive while sitting out the coronavirus. Turns out, things are never quite so simple when it comes to Swift's Instagram. The time stamp plus caption (a reference to one of her music videos from way back in 2013) apparently equated to the release of some kind of new video on 5/8. And what do you know? Those Sherlock-inspired Swifties weren't wrong.

Swift joins the ranks of multiple other musical artists finding ways to connect with fans outside their regular tour schedules. John Legend kicked things off back in March with an Instagram Live concert. Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood have been performing regularly from their at-home studio as well as taking the stage at the famous Grand Ole Oprey just last weekend. So If you've recently found yourself watching Miss Americana on repeat, this could be the jolt of Swift freshness you've been hoping for.

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