Queen Elizabeth Once Brought 40 Suitcases and a Pony (!) on a Trip to Visit Prince Philip

OK, OK: We’ll be the first to admit we have no right to suitcase-shame anyone. We envy you carry-on pros. Fifty bucks checked-bag fee? Well, how else are we going to take our industrial-size dry shampoo with us? But Queen Elizabeth might just take the crown for biggest over-packer.

On one of her trips to visit Prince Philip, the monarch reportedly packed 40 (!!!!) suitcases plus a royal pony with her, and we have to wonder, was there any room even left in the cargo hold for other passengers’ stuff? Probs not.

According to royal author Kitty Kelley in her book The Royals, per the Express, Queen Liz brought a ton of personal belongings, the horse and a sports car, plus a group of assistants, for a trip to Malta to visit the Duke of Edinburgh in 1950.

“Accompanied by her maid, her footman, and her detective, she arrived on the island with her sports car, forty wardrobe trunks and a new polo pony for her husband,” Kelley wrote. OK, so she basically had an entourage. Also, how did the horse get there?! We have so many questions.

To be fair, the queen spent three months on the Mediterranean island, and the pony was a gift to Philip so he could continue playing polo while stationed in the southern European country.

The queen’s also been an avid equestrian all her life (which, admittedly, we learned from The Crown), and Prince Philip used to be a world-champion horse-carriage racer. The 97-year-old was recently spotted driving a team of horses at the queen’s Sandringham estate.

We guess this means her majesty flew Air Horse One… (Sorry, had to.)

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