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PSA: “Photobomb” and “NSFW” Are Now Words, According to Merriam-Webster

Huzzah! For the first time in three years, Merriam-Webster has added new words to its website—and they’re incredible.

The 1,000 new entries include “terms from recent advances in science, borrowings from foreign languages, and words from tech, medicine, pop culture, sports and everything in between,” according to the dictionary’s statement. 

Our favorites, however, range from the insulting (“weak sauce: something inferior, ineffective, or unimpressive”) to emotive (“face-palm: to cover one's face with the hand as an expression of embarrassment, dismay, or exasperation”) to the truly necessary (“binge-watch: to watch many or all episodes of (a TV series) in rapid succession”).

Oh, and how could we forget “humblebrag” or “ghost” as words we can now legitimately use to pinpoint annoying things other people do on the Internet?

So next time your niece questions your vocabulary with some "side-eye" (“a sidelong glance or gaze especially when expressing scorn”), enjoy the fact that you now know the official meaning of "throwing shade" (“to express contempt or disrespect for someone publicly especially by subtle or indirect insults or criticisms”). 

Check out more new additions on the dictionary’s website

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