We Finally Found a Retinol That Doesn't Make Us Peel

If you, like us, are trying to up your skin game this year, there is perhaps no better ingredient to start with than retinol. The skin care superstar is touted by derms everywhere as the fix-all for fine lines, dark spots and overall laxity and is the closest thing to the proverbial fountain of youth we can get.

The only problem is it can be pretty irritating (especially in the first few weeks of use), which is why we are absolutely besotted with Marie Veronique's Gentle Retinol Serum.

Formulated by a chemist and aesthetician, this nontoxic formula uses encapsulated retinol for a timed release of the ingredient (so it's less irritating) and includes soothing ingredients like green tea, vitamin E and ceramides to balance everything out. Oh, and it has vitamin C, which adds to the glowing cocktail.

Since we started using it a few weeks ago, we've noticed zero flaking (an impressive feat given the time of year) and a gradual softening of the lines that were starting to creep up on our forehead. (We hear Naomi Watts is a fan, too.)

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