Lindsay Lohan Recreates Scene from ‘The Parent Trap’ in New TikTok Video

Lindsay Lohan is making us feel quite nostalgic with this new TikTok video.

For the viral vid, the former Disney star gave a major ‘90s throwback by reciting lines from the beloved film, The Parent Trap. In the Nancy Meyers remake, Lohan played twin sisters who were separated at birth. After reuniting at a summer camp, they devised a plan to switch places and bring their parents back together.

In the TikTok video, the 35-year-old actress is shown channeling Annie Parker, who was the British twin that lived with their mother Elizabeth James (played by Natasha Richardson). She gave us the lines, “You want to know the difference between us? I have class and you don't.”

Viewers couldn’t stop fangirling over the throwback video in the comments section. “LITERALLY ICONIC,” one fan wrote. Another fan chimed in and said, “OMG Lindsay. My childhood hero.”

The Mean Girls alum has been open about how The Parent Trap helped her overcome a real-life obstacle. Back in July 2020, the cast reunited (over video chat) to celebrate the film’s 22nd anniversary. During the discussion, Lohan got candid about how playing the roles of Annie and Hallie helped her process her own parents’ divorce.

“I didn’t feel like I was working. It just felt like a really incredible experience for me and a lot of fun,” she told her former co-stars, Dennis Quaid and Elaine Hendrix. “My parents were kind of separating at the time when this was all going on. And it made it a lot easier for me to play these characters that were figuring it out.”

She added, “I just felt so lucky and really blessed by Nancy and Charles [Shyer, producer]. Without this movie, I wouldn’t have gotten the acting bug.”

Perhaps we can see more callbacks to your iconic movie catalog in the future, Lindsay?

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