Kate Middleton Makes Surprise Video Call to Parents of Newborn: ‘This Is Definitely a First’

One lucky couple got an unexpected, virtual visit from Kate Middleton herself.

The Duchess of Cambridge just made a surprise video call to new parents Rebecca and John to congratulate them on their newborn son, Max. The couple, who was at Kingston Hospital in the U.K., opened up about the shocking video conversation in an interview with People magazine.

“Having a baby is an extraordinary experience at any time, but having one during lockdown and then having a surprise conversation with the Duchess of Cambridge after two hours sleep was particularly surreal!” Rebecca told the outlet. “The Duchess asked us about having a baby at such an unusual time, and our experience on the maternity ward was that all the midwives made it as normal as possible—apart from the masks, it was exactly the same as when we had our first son, Rafe, in 2015. The midwives were amazing on both occasions.”

The call comes in honor of the U.K.’s Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week, which focuses on the mental health of mothers and offers support for parents. The duchess also spoke with midwives and leading sector experts at the hospital about the challenges COVID-19 is creating for new and expectant mothers and their families.

Lucky for us, Kensington Palace shared portions of 38-year-old’s conversations on Instagram.

“Very nice to meet you,” Kate said in the clip while speaking with the new parents. “This is definitely a first. Well, firstly, huge congratulations. He’s so sweet. Congratulations!”

Calls from a duchess? That's quite the lucky baby.