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Celebeauty Sit-Down: Jennifer Aniston’s Colorist Says We’re Using Hair Products Wrong
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Celebeauty Sit Down is a new franchise from PureWow in which our editors chat with some of the biggest names in the celebrity beauty world exclusively. We uncover their tips, tricks and best-kept secrets so you can recreate your favorite A-lister’s look IRL.

It's an indisputable fact: Jennifer Aniston has incredible hair. So when we had the opportunity to talk to her long-time colorist Michael Canalé, you better believe we asked him for all the advice.

Since we’re constantly trying to improve upon our beauty routine, we asked Canalé if he could pinpoint a common hair mistake he sees people making. With so much experience under his belt, he immediately though of one cardinal hair rule we’ve totally been breaking while blow-drying.

“Volumizer, sprays, things like that,” he told us, “Don't put them in at the beginning. It's like drying goop into your hair, you know?” Um, whoops. We're totally guilty of this one.

Instead, Canalé encourages clients to dry their hair raw first. “A lot of people blow dry the hair and then they'll put the styling aid in after it’s dry,” he explained. “That helps a lot. Then you're not drying the product into the hair, which isn’t actually damaging, but it makes it not quite as beneficial.”

When it comes to products, Canalé says, “You really want to go with a name brand. A lot of products can be very drying, especially styling aids because people want volume, they want it to hold longer.”

So there you have it: Order totally matters and don’t skimp on the products if you can help it.

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