‘The Handmaid's Tale’ Season 3 Trailer Is Here, and Blessed Be the Rebellion

Welcome back to Gilead, y’all! Please keep your arms, legs and babies inside the vehicle.

The new trailer for season three of Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale just dropped, and it’s Offred (Elisabeth Moss) versus the world, along with some unlikely allies in her fight against the Republic.

In the new preview, we see Offred looking to Serena Joy (Yvonne Strahovski) for support (after a chilling line from Serena about her influence over her Commander husband, “Up to a point,” Offred responds, “So move the point.”). Offred’s also teaming up with boyfriend and baby daddy Nick (and the two share a sweet finger-hold in one clip from the new trailer).

We also get a glimpse of Aunt Lydia, who survived the attack from the season two finale, and Emily (Alexis Bledel), who is carrying a baby that may be June’s Holly.

In another shot, June/Offred is kneeling by Hannah’s bed as she sleeps, and watching Luke on TV during what looks to be a protest. 

And the best line of all: “Now, Mom’s got work.” Yassss, mama.

When we last saw our heroic June in the season two finale, she had a chance to escape. However, she ultimately opted to send her baby to safety with Emily in hopes of getting her little girl out of Gilead too.

The Handmaid’s Tale season three debuts on Hulu on June 5.