Everything We Know About the Windmill Drama in Next Week’s Episode of ‘The Bachelorette’

Now that Hannah Brown’s hometown dates on The Bachelorette have officially come to an end, there’s only one thing on our mind: What’s the deal with the windmill drama in next week’s episode?

ABC has been teasing the same moment for the past few weeks, featuring Luke Parker confronting Brown for sleeping with one (or more) of the remaining contestants. The scene takes place right before the Fantasy Suite, and while we don’t know many details, we can only assume that he’s not the first suitor to have an overnight date.

“So, let’s talk about sex,” Luke says in the episode. “And let’s say you have had sex with one or multiple of these guys, I would completely remove myself from this relationship.”

Brown—understandably—explodes on him, leading to an argument that ends in a horrifying realization. “My husband would never say what you said to me,” she says.

Here’s where things get interesting: Brown is more furious than ever and proceeds to confess that she did, in fact, have sex in a windmill…twice.

“I f***ed in a windmill, and guess what? We did it a second time!” she says in a conversation with producers.

It’s important to point out that Brown could be talking about a former relationship. However, it doesn’t seem likely.

First, Brown previously told us that she’s never had a serious boyfriend. And second, next week’s promo shows Brown taking the remaining contestants to Greece, a location that is famous for—you guessed it—windmill hotels.

Sure, one could argue that their last destination (the Netherlands) also has windmills, but we wouldn’t be surprised if the producers chose a Greek version for the upcoming overnight dates. (You know, for photo ops.)

The promo concludes with a classic Hannah/Luke moment. After Brown shows him out, Luke speeds away in a car while Brown flips him off. *Sigh*

So, what exactly happens in the Fantasy Suite? And how will it affect Brown’s existing relationships? Guess we’ll have to wait until The Bachelorette returns to ABC next Monday, July 15, at 8 p.m.

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