You know something has overpowered the zeitgeist when it moves from obscure Reddit threads to your family’s text thread. Case in point: Game of Thrones. Who needs message boards or YouTube explainers when you have my dad? From pontifications on who the Night King might really be (according to my dad, many people) to questioning the truth behind Bran’s strange affect, these are some of the hardest hitting GoT theories out there. So, with no further ado, here are all my dad’s Game of Thrones theories, verbatim, as they were SMS’d to me, in one place for your pleasure, but mostly, for posterity’s sake. (Oh! And one fun fact from my mom!!!)

Game of Thrones theories about Bran

My dad’s Game of Thrones theories:

“This Bran and Night King battle ends too early. What's Bran's purpose going forward?? Something brewing.”

“I still think somehow Bran is a version in time, the night king. What if... the night king was trying to kill bran to prevent him from becoming the night king?”

(On Theon) “Not sure he got killed.”

“Epic Battle coming.”

“Hound Will win”

"Ever notice how often the Night King walks in slow motion?"


Game of Thrones theories about Cersei

(On Cersei) “She will become the Night King.”

“Euron could be the real bad guy.”

(On Jaime) “Don’t think he’ll make it. Cersei will kill him.”

“Jon Snow has same scar on heart night king. Is probably night king.”

(On Jon Snow) “Will be king.”

“Syrio Forel dead? I think not”

“What's with Bran? Just a creepy guy?”

Game of Thrones theories about the Mountain

And one fun fact from my mom: “The Mountain is in Netflix show Born Strong, and he doesn’t want to just be known for Game of Thrones.” 

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