These ‘Game of Thrones' Scripts Might Have Just Confirmed a *Major* Fan Theory About the Old Cersei Prophecy

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

For those who need a refresher: Maggy the Frog, the heavily eyelinered sightseeing witch, told Cersei a prophecy in Game of Thrones season five. The prophecy predicted three things: that Cersei will wed the king, that someone younger will cast her down and that she will have three children—all of which have come true…except one.

And while there’s been much debate about the Valonqar part of the theory from the books that are left out of the show, many fans assumed the “someone younger” that would cast her down would be Margery, which is why Cersei cooked up some hot-steaming vengeance and had her killed. But was the someone young, someone else?

According to Vanity Fair, who recently combed through the Game of Thrones scripts that are on display at the Writers Guild of America West library, showrunners D.B. Weiss and David Benioff dropped a major hint in the season seven scripts. This younger person who will bring about the end of the Lannister Queen might actually be Daenerys.

Here’s what the script reads when Cersei and Daenerys first meet: “Cersei stares at her enemy, this baby-faced usurper who’s come to take what’s hers.”

Baby-faced, huh? (Seriously, though, what moisturizer does Dany use?)

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