Aaron Paul Shares New ‘Breaking Bad’ Movie Teaser (Along with a Very Cryptic Message)

*Warning: Spoilers ahead.*

The Breaking Bad movie premiere is just a month away, and we're so ready to say his name once again...

Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman) released a new teaser photo for the highly anticipated Breaking Bad follow-up film titled El Camino. The movie, which premieres on Netflix on October 11, will follow Jesse's efforts to outrun the cops and the compound he escaped from (in an El Camino car, FYI) at the end of the series finale.

The new snap, which has fans in an uproar over possible plot details, is from a previous TV season and shows Jesse working in his yellow hazmat suit in Gus Fring's lab.

"Hello old friend," he captioned the post.

Back in November 2018, The Hollywood Reporter announced that Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan was helming a two-hour project based on the TV series that first aired 11 years ago. We then got a trailer from Netflix at the end of August, which featured a very battered-looking Skinny Pete being interrogated by law enforcement about Pinkman's whereabouts, signaling that the plot will most likely revolve around Jesse on the run from the cops.

While fans are mostly theorizing the "old friend" reference in Paul's cryptic post could just be an allusion to his character's meth-cooking ways, a number of followers are freaking out over a possible Walter White return (though only in flashbacks, right? RIGHT?!).

Last month, one eagle-eyed Redditor also noticed that Netflix recently posted a short synopsis online: “Fugitive Jesse Pinkman runs from his captors, the law, and his past.”

So, if he's running from the past, and this "old friend," could he possibly be haunted by Walt's ghost?!

We guess we should just wait out the next four weeks until all the details start to *crystallize*...

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