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How to Update Your Résumé in 10 Minutes (or Less)

Last time you updated your résumé you were still using Microsoft Word 2010. But don’t worry—with a few quick (and mostly cosmetic) tweaks, it will feel modern and fresh.

1. Add a link to your LinkedIn profile. It’s the easiest way for a future employer to quickly access your contact info and most up-to-date job skills. The perfect placement on your résumé? Right beneath your name and address at the top of the page. Just be sure to include the vanity URL ( ) versus a crazy long one with a million characters.

2. And select a vibrant color for your bolded name at the top. It’ll make an impression immediately as long as you don’t pick a hue that’s hard to read when printed out. (We’re talking to you, banana yellow or millennial pink.)

3. Delete your objective. Most hiring managers we talked to found it distracting, and said it pigeon-holed candidates.

4. And make a few impactful word swaps. Jargony buzzwords like “specialized” or “experienced” (among others) have a tendency to fall flat. Do a quick scan of your résumé to pinpoint places you can replace them with job skill explanations that are much more direct. (You have a “proven track record” for doing X.)

5. Trim the fat. If it’s been ten years since you graduated from college, it’s totally cool to nix your GPA. Ditto old internships or entry level jobs that are no longer relevant to your current area of expertise.

6. Plug in any new job skills. Last step: Take two minutes to think about your current position and make sure the job description you have is up to date. Because, whoops, you completely forgot to mention the public speaking tour you went on last year or the fact that you were named employee of the month not once but twice.

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