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Here’s the situation: There are some things you love about your job (like your coworkers)… and others that leave you feeling dissatisfied (like your salary). But is it time to look for something else? Or time to buckle down and make your current career work better for you?

Here, the telltale signs that you need to think about moving on.


You feel frustrated with where you are in your career

You’re working like a dog but getting the same results, and those results are no longer satisfying. Ask yourself this question: How much longer can you continue on this current path before you hit totalburnout? If the answer is “not much,” then it’s time to get moving.



You're resistant to change

Your boss is all "Let’s innovate! Let’s restructure! Let’s all get standing desks!" And you’re all "Ugh… why can’t things just stay the same?" Fear of change is a bad thing and could be a sign that you need to take the plunge and try something new.



You want more money

If you’ve already spoken with your supervisors about compensation, and they’ve made it clear that your expectations don’t match up with reality, it could be a good time to think outside your current company.



You're not advancing or you're being overlooked for jobs you're qualified to do

Have you made it clear you’d like to take on more responsibility? Have you been snubbed time and time again? Take a hint.


You're not learning

Happiness at the office translates to work that stimulates the mind. Once the challenge is gone and you feel you’ve learned all you can from your current role, it’s time to head in another direction.


You want to pursue a passion

You’ve been working in sales forever, but your heart just isn’t in it. And you can’t stop daydreaming about that cupcake company you’d love to start. This might be your chance for a career do-over.Word to the wise: Spend ample time researching your new job before jumping ship. (No cupcake empire was ever built without proper planning.)

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