Between Zoom meetings, your kid's online classes and all the other things you need to plan for on a daily basis, it's easy to get overwhelmed. The solution? A little good, old fashioned organization. Studies have show that time management can actually decrease your stress, and a convenient wall calendar is a great first step toward getting into a routine for it. Unlike a planner, you won’t have to worry about misplacing it, as it will greet you in the same place every day. It can also be a sophisticated decoration for the walls of your home or office, allowing you to spice up your space while staying on top of your week. We call that a definite win-win.

The Best Wall Calendars at a Glance

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1. Parisloft Wall Calendar

Best Acrylic Wall Calendar

This sleek, see-through wall calendar works with dry-erase markers for smooth writing on its surface, which features a permanent black grid. Its dates, however, can be wiped clean for reuse year after year. Beyond helping you to get focused and prepared, customers say this pick is a statement piece that will double as décor. Assemble it with four screw mounts.

From $90 at Amazon


2. Wells St. by LANG Note Nook Wall Calendar

Best Wall Calendar With Pockets

Always losing your most important bills and receipts? Make tax season a lot easier with this wall calendar, which has two convenient pockets with every month, from January to December. It comes with a classic spiral binding, and the colorful designs from artist Collier Campell are sure to brighten up your abode.

Buy It ($13)


3. Lang Four Seasons 2022 Wall Calendar

Best Nature Wall Calendar

Experience the great outdoors from the comfort of your office with this scenic option, which comes with 12 full-color images of beautiful nature landscapes by Lee Stroncek, each of which correlates with the season of its respective month. Hang it from its reliable brass grommet, which will help to prevent the high-quality embossed linen paper from tearing.

Buy It ($18)


4. MatterofFractions Digital Wall Calendar

Best Digital Wall Calendar

Forget Alexa—this digital Wi-Fi agenda has a customizable smart display that not only syncs with your Google, Facebook or iCloud to display the events you've got lined up for each day, it can show long event descriptions, timing and locations. You can customize the wood frame stain, and it even comes with all the hardware you'll need to mount it on your drywall and set it up. There's also a 10-foot power cord, so you won’t have to worry about it falling down with each plug-in.

Buy It ($999)


5. Sheffield Home Dry-Erase Wall Calendar

Best Dry Erase Wall Calendar

Everybody makes mistakes. That’s why sometimes, it's best to have a calendar that will allow you to erase and rewrite your notes freely. With its durable wood grain frame and simple D-ring hangers, this dry-erase wall calendar gives your space a modern flair while making your busy schedule easier to navigate. It even comes with its own dry-erase marker.

Buy It ($40)


6. Everly Hart Chalkboard Wall Calendar

Best Chalkboard Wall Calendar

This old school option has a blank slot for every day of the month, plus extra room on the side for any notes. Its thick metal frame offers a chic contrast to its stark black chalkboard surface, making for a perfectly rustic addition to your kitchen or office. It conveniently fastens on any wall surface with its secure hangers, and the writing can be cleanly wiped away with a damp cloth.

$44 at Amazon


7. Quartet Magnetic Whiteboard & Cork Wall Calendar

Best Undated Wall Calendar

This wall calendar features a blank five-week slate that allows you to customize your own Sunday through Saturday schedule on its sleek whiteboard. But that's not all! For an added bonus, you can hang items, like photos or your dry-erase marker, with ease using its magnetic surface and two included circular magnets. Beyond that, there's a strip of cork material at the base, giving you space for Post-its, bills and handwritten notes. Simply place it on your wall with its self-stick tape and plan the month away!

$36 at Amazon


8. Red Expressionists Wall Calendar

Most Artistic Wall Calendar

Organizing is an artform with this wall calendar, which features an assortment of stunning expressionist creations by different artists, including Wassily Kandinsky, Franz Marc and August Macke. Every page includes monthly moon phases, and with its thick, eco-friendly paper, the company claims you won’t have to deal with ripping or curling of the pages.

$14 at Amazon


9. Workman Publishing Mom's Family Wall Calendar 2022

Best Family Wall Calendar

Got a bunch of little ones running around? Keep track of their appointments, school events and more with this unique vertical design that features five columns across the top for each family member. Instead of running from January 2022 to December 2022, this calendar it focuses on the school year, and its quirky animal illustrations from children’s author Sandra Boynton make it a whole lot of fun. There are also two sheets of stickers and nine magnets, making its "kid-friendly" label an understatement.

Buy It ($16)


10. At-a-Glance Jumbo Wall Calendar 2022

Best Large Wall Calendar

Sick of looking at blank walls? This laminated wall calendar and planner comes in at a whopping 48-inch by 32-inch size, with extra-large print so you won’t have to squint. Because of its yearly layout, you can view the year all at once, allowing for some serious advance planning. Its dry-erase surface also wipes clean when used with the right writing tool, which is good news, because let’s face it—plans change. You can even flip it over to take notes on the back for some extra reminders!

$30 at Amazon


11. Motawki Tileworks Arts & Crafts Tiles Mini Wall Calendar

Best Mini Wall Calendar

if don’t have much room to spare, say hello to this small-but-mighty wall calendar, which comes in at a mere 7-inch by 6.5 inches. (For context, that's less than half the size of most of the other products on this list.) Each month comes with intricate handmade artwork by the tasteful Motawi Tileworks, and every page is made with environmentally-friendly ink and paper, allowing you to do your part for the planet for less $10.

$8 at Amazon

What to Look for in a Wall Calendar

When sussing out your perfect match, you'll want to consider several things.
  • Size: Are you looking to save space or make a bold statement with a large wall covering? Wall calendars can range anywhere from 7 to 40 inches, but most options fall somewhere in between. The bigger it is, the easier it will be to read and write on, but dainty calendars can are more discreet, and, depending on the size of your space, potentially more aesthetically pleasing.

  • Material: The most classic material for any wall calendar is paper, but it's not the only option. Whiteboard wall calendars have a glossy finish and are compatible with dry-erase markers, while chalkboard wall calendars are made of durable stone and work best with chalk. Heck, these days, they can even be digital (welcome to the future). Many wall calendars also have magnetic surfaces or cork to hang material on.

  • Format: Paper wall calendars are typically dated from January to December. They often feature themed artwork or photographs as well as the dates of national holidays on their pages. Whiteboard and chalkboard wall calendars, however, often come with no set years or months, allowing you to customize your schedule from Sunday to Saturday for more flexibility.

How to Hang Your Wall Calendar

While the process of hanging your wall calendar will vary slightly according to the product, most come with screw mounts, adhesive tape, grommets or ring hangers that won’t damage your surfaces.

  • Screw mounts: For the most complicated (and permanent), you'll need to make a hole through the top and bottom of your calendar and find the studs in your wall to make two coordinating holes, ensuring everything is nice and aligned. Place your screws through, fasten tightly with a screwdriver and viola!

  • Ring hangers: Often called D-Rings, these hooks are situated on either side of a calendar's frame. To use them, measure the distance between them, then drill or nail two screws into the wall and place the rings behind them. You can also minimize wall damage but tying a string or wire to attach to one single centered nail.

  • Grommets: Wall calendars that have these little metal circles at the center need to be hung with a hammer and nail. Put the nail through the small opening and hit it with a round hammer repeatedly until it's deep in the wall. Leave about half an inch of room for the calendar to hang.

  • Adhesive tape: This one’s simple: Peel back the film, align wall calendar with the spot where you want it on the wall, stick it on and firmly apply pressure, and it’ll stay.

Where to Buy Wall Calendars

Whether you want to keep track of appointments, meetings and deadlines, or count down the days until your birthday, the right wall calendar for you is just a few clicks away. While you can never go wrong with Amazon for the most versatile selection, any place that sells home goods, such as Walmart or Target, is likely to have a vast array of reliable options at a reasonable price as well.

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