15 Things an Adult Woman Should Never Have in Her Home

You've long since done away with wearing leggings to work and drinking Bud Lite at cocktail why, pray tell, are you still living like a college sophomore?

Say goodbye to the 15 home accessories below and you'll be feeling like a better, big-girl version of yourself in no time.

1. Plastic drawers. Who on earth thought to make drawers see-through?

2. Unframed posters. A truly uninspiring adult “art” selection.

3. A futon. Unless this guy is relegated to a basement or guest room, consider him a no-no.

4. A metal bed frame. Equally effective at bruising legs and looking sterile.

5. Flimsy cutlery. A fork that bends when you use it is no fork at all.

6. Plastic folding chairs. Only acceptable as overflow outdoor seating.

7. A crappy mattress. Don’t you deserve a quality night’s sleep?

8. Stuffed animals. We know: Mr. Puddleton got you through middle school. But now he’s creeping out your would-be suitors.

9. Freebie cups. Those reusable movie theater cups were awesome when you had a) no cups and b) no money.

10. A curtain-less shower. Repeat after us: A shower curtain liner is not the same thing as a shower curtain.  

11. Dry cleaner hangers. Bad for the lifespan of your clothes, bad for your reputation.

12. Beach towels as bath towels. Not the same thing.

13. Anything from an ex. Ban bad juju.

14. Mismatched sheets. Now officially an embarrassment.

15. Spring rod curtains. For the love of all things not cheap and hideous, buy a real curtain rod.

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