5 Easy Living Room Updates That Make a Huge Difference

Reminder: You don’t need to get radical (or spendy) to totally refresh your living room. In fact, you don’t even need to change your floor plan. Here, five easy living updates that add loads of style and function…with little expense or effort.

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1. Add A Layer Of Accent Lighting

Lighting 101: If you want a warm, polished glow for your room, it’s time to incorporate task, ambient and accent layers. To increase your living room’s cozy vibes, consider adding another round of accent—aka decorative—lighting. (Think: a pair of chic, new table lamps for your credenza or side tables.)

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2. Incorporate Chic Storage Pieces

The arch nemesis of a good-looking living room? Clutter. Our fave weapon against it? Gorgeous, free-floating storage baskets, which you can use as kiddie toy storage, a firewood container, you name it. (They’re also a quick pickup solution when guests are coming over.)

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Courtesy of Lindsey’s Furniture

3. Use Mirrors As A Brightener

Not only do they make your room sunnier by bouncing light around—mirrors give the illusion of a larger, airier space by creating “windows.” For maximum room brightening, hang your sleek, new wall mirror directly across from a light source.

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Courtesy of Lindsey’s Furniture

4. Layer On The Textiles

If you ask us, the more beautiful fabrics and soft goods, the better. Why? Well, first of all, coziness. Second, they’re a great way to switch up the look of your room. A treasured trick of ours: Drape a patterned throw across the back of the sofa for a faux-upholstery update. (Pro tip: Pick a machine-washable option!)

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Courtesy of Lindsey’s Furniture

5. When In Doubt, Put It In A Tray

We’re of the firm belief that everything looks better (read: actually intentional) when it’s on a tray. Whether streamlining your messy mini bar, organizing your stack of shelter mags or simply keeping your remote controls in one, tidy spot, a lovely little tray can make all the difference.

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