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Kissy face self-portrait? No, thanks. Curated shot of your bookshelves? OH YES. Friends, meet the #shelfie—the decor lover’s happy answer to selfies of yore. And since re-styling a bookshelf is one of the easiest, most delightful ways to freshen a room, we thought we’d round up some of the very best Insta inspiration. Here, 25 impeccably stylish and inspiring vignettes—plus tips on nabbing the look in your own home.

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Layered, leaning art is one of our favorite designer styling tricks.

Maximize the pretty quotient and add in your favorite flower and candle.

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Keep your reads du jour easily accessible by pulling out their spines and flipping 'em forward.

Even with a minimalist palette, work in an organic pop of color. (Go ahead, put your fruit bowl on display.)

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Float an antique mirror for an element of drama.

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When in doubt, add big, sculptural blooms.

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Carve out a nook for a tiny painting and sweet bud vase.

Wallpaper shelf interiors with a dreamy chinoiserie textile.

Place decorative objects of a like material (i.e., blond wood) on each shelf to tie them together.

Embrace a little chaos—traditional artwork and old balloons can totally cohabitate when the space is otherwise orderly.

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Use unfussy greenery in simple terracotta pots to create an airy, boho vibe.

Hang a tiny shelf (for a tiny stack of choice tomes) in a forgotten corner.

Break up the shapes of your book collection with stacked archives of favorite magazines.

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Go minimalist on decor, and add a few metallic accents for an ultra-polished look.

Then again, there’s something to be said for rocking a messy bookworm-and-proud display. (Just be sure to add some decorative elements as well, to make the choice look deliberate.)

Turn a low-lying bench into a proud showcase of coffee-table favorites.

Display an edited collection of natural elements, like this sculptural stack of smooth sea stones.

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Consider a few small woven baskets to add warmth and provide a pretty home for any shelf clutter.

Layer in a small lamp and matching accents for a finished, almost merchandised look.

Showcase treasured collections of found items. As seen here, shells and skulls mingle surprisingly well together.

Display vintage globes to tie together a worldly cookbook collection.

Try a fresh whitewash by turning spines towards the ceiling (so that you can read them from above).

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Or subtly add in pattern by displaying your prettiest napkins in a mesh bowl.

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Remember: Oil paintings don’t need frames. Or to be hung on a wall, for that matter.

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Simple color coordination: The loveliest trick in the book (shelf).

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