How to Store Towels: 9 Genius Storage Hacks

Like on a ladder...or a rope

Your bathroom should feel like an oasis filled with candles…and steam. But clumps of wet towels on the floor? Nope, definitely not. Here, nine ways to store towels so they stay pretty, not mildewy.

Martha Stewart

1. Display Them On A Rope

Gorgeous, functional and it takes up zero space.

Get the look: Rope ($16); Hooks ($7)


2. Roll Them On A Wine Rack

Store a bottle of Sauv Blanc on the extra rungs and voilà! Bath time.

Get the look: Colonial Tin Works ($42)

3. Stack Them On A Chair

Basic? Maybe. Accessible? Always.

Get the look: Crate & Barrel ($100)

4. Organize Them In Baskets

Bath towels on the bottom; wash cloths on the top.

Get the look: Home Decorators Collection ($279)


5. "float" Them On The Wall

Stack towels on an “invisible” stainless-steel base. Magic!

Get the look: Umbra ($15)


6. Store Them In A Metal Tub

Right next to your Boston fern.

Get the look: World Market ($17)

7. Stash Them In A Hanging Box

The adult version of the shower caddy.

Get the look: Wayfair ($11)

Magpie Living

8. Drape Them On A Door Ladder

Now you see them, now you don’t.

Get the look: Houzz ($44)

9. Drape Them On An Actual Ladder

Stairway to heaven.

Get the look: Wayfair ($120)

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