9 Super-Smart Ways to Reuse Dryer Sheets Around the House

Give these guys another spin

The sink… the sofa… stuck to your skirt: These wispy little culprits end up in the weirdest places. Next time you encounter one around the house, try putting it to use in one of these genius ways.

My Domaine


Pick up stray hair

Forget sweeping. Clean up post-blow dry by running a dryer sheet over your bathroom floor. It works on pet hair, too.

The Shingled House


Degunk a toilet

Erase the dreaded ring with a few quick swipes.

Design Sponge


Degrease cooktops and cabinets

The texture helps scrub sticky grease.


Replace a Swiffer pad

All out? Swap in a dryer sheet while you wait for your next Amazon order to arrive.


Deodorize garbage cans

Line them in the bottom to keep the bin a bit fresher.

Simply Stacie


Keep mosquitoes at bay

Scare away the little creeps by keeping a sheet in your pocket.


Remove iron residue

Turn your clothing iron, flat iron or curling iron on a low setting, then wipe a sheet over the surface to eliminate dirt and nasty product buildup.


Wipe down scissor blades

Over time, dirt and dust can make your favorite pair of shears pretty dull. Try wiping them down with a dryer sheet—and if that doesn’t work, cut through tinfoil.


Silence squeaky shoes

You heard it here first, people: rub the soles of your sneaks with a dryer sheet to eliminate embarrassing squeaks.