39 Whimsical Gifts for Tea Lovers They'll Want to Show Off on Instagram

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There are generally three types of people out there: Coffee drinkers, tea drinkers and hybrids of them both. For those who happen to fall into the latter two categories, there's a wide world to explore, from the different types of tea and varietals to the many ways you can go about drinking it. (Do you prefer it iced? Hot? With or without milk?) Beyond that, the sheer amount of products out there for indulging in the pastime of tea-drinking (and yes, as any self-respecting tea connoisseur will tell you, it is a pastime) is vast. Needless to say, if you're shopping for the best gifts for tea lovers out there, you've got your pick of inventory.

To help you decide what your favorite aficionado of this aromatic beverage will like best, we're giving you a rundown of the finer points of tea—and the picks we've chosen to best complement it. The items we found below will be high quality, super useful and novel to even the biggest tea connoisseurs.

The History of Tea

While tea is most often associated with England, it actually originated in China way back in 2737 BC (!), according to the UK Tea & Infusions Association (yes, such an association exists). As the legend goes, Emperor Shen Nung, an herbalist, accidentally discovered the beverage while drinking boiled water beneath a camellia sinensis tree. Its leaves blew into his cup, and the rest, as they say, is history. It wasn't until the 16th century that European countries began to adopt their own versions of the Chinese infusion. Over time, tea has evolved and its varieties have expanded even more. We've broken down a few of the most common types below.

Different Types of Tea

  • Black: Black tea, known as red tea in China, is likely what you think of when you picture sitting down in indulge in the beverage and crumpets. This naturally caffeinated brew is the most concentrated and strongest of the teas and is often enjoyed with milk or cream.

  • Green: Green tea, which undergoes less oxidation than black tea, has a lighter and more earthy flavor and is frequently less caffeinated, though it's still possible to get a nice, healthy boost of energy from a green varietal, like Sencha, which is especially popular in Japan.

  • Oolong: Oolong tea is a semi-oxidized option that can imitate both black and green teas despite being in its own league. It has a slightly higher amount of caffeine than green teas (less than black teas), though it's stronger and darker in taste.

  • White: White tea is the lightest and least naturally caffeinated of the main types of tea. Its delicate flavor can be attributed to the fact that it's harvested very early in the season and goes through very little processing.

  • Herbal: Unsurprisingly, herbal tea is derived from herbs, such as peppermint, hibiscus and other fruity/flowery blends. As such, these teas are largely naturally decaffeinated and sometimes referred to as “infusions” rather than teas.

Where to Buy Tea Accessories

Regardless of which type of tea your giftee loves best, you can find a wide variety of gifts for them both at big retailers, such as Amazon and Nordstrom, or at smaller, independent ones (we're borderline obsessed with Magic Hour). You can also check out stores like Mackenzie-Childs or Etsy for a few more unique present options—some of which you can even customize for your loved ones.

The Best Gifts for Tea Lovers at a Glance

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gifts for tea lovers magic hour
Magic Hour

1. Magic Hour 3-month Subscription

Best Tea Subscription Box

A subscription box is the present that keeps on giving (literally), and that's especially true when it's coming from Magic Hour. Pairing curated themed teas and drinkware with moon phase charts and transformational videos, this three-month option is about a whole lot more than a simple cup: It's rooted in the ceremony of tea. You can choose from three different sizes for any budget, and your giftee will even be able to sign up to join the company in weekly sessions to share in one of their delicious brews. There'll certainly have plenty to go around, thanks to your thoughtful gift!

tea botanica

2. Botanica Teapot

Best Teapot

A hand-painted, stoneware teapot feels like such a luxury—which is precisely why many tea lovers don’t already have one. This gorgeous option is one that would undoubtedly be treasured by any tea drinker for years to come thanks to its colorful design, which will be beautiful sitting out their open shelving. There's also plenty of room for their favorite brew, as this pot holds up to 6.5 cups. If you're feeling ultra-generous, you can complete their collection with the matching creamer or platter.

gifts for tea lovers nessie1

Best Tea Infuser

Who said drinking tea had to be a serious affair? This adorable little monster will bring a smile to any tea sipper's face with its sweet dino shape. It's still plenty functional, however, steeping loose-leaf, powdered and finely ground teas with a built-in, easy-grip steeping spoon. It's simple enough for even tea novices to use and the silicone body will be a breeze to clean.

tea smeg

Best Electric Tea Kettle

For your always-busy tea-loving friend, this retro-looking Smeg electric tea kettle will be a godsend. Not only does it heat up water faster than a traditional tea kettle (we're talking just over four minutes), according to reviews, it features an auto shut-off function when water reaches 212 degrees Fahrenheit or when it's is empty—a handy feature in case your pal gets pulled away for work. It even has a removable limescale filter to keep water clean, so each and every cup will taste great.

tea gifts dounguri

Best Tea Thermos

This organic bamboo thermos will keep your recipient's beverages piping hot for a whopping 14 hours, according to the company. (Iced tea will stay cold for even longer, with estimates of 16 to 24 hours). In short? It's perfect for tea lovers who are frequently on-the-go. Its secret lies in the double-walled stainless-steel interior, which is durable and rust-free. To make things even better, there's a vacuum lid with a mesh strainer that your giftee can use to steep their brews anywhere, anytime. Thanks to its lifetime (yes, lifetime) warranty, you won't have to worry about it falling apart on them, either.

tea bloom

6. Teabloom Perfect Measure Glass Tea Scoop

Best Tea Scoop

The perfect cup of loose-leaf tea requires just the right amount of leaves. This scoop will make it foolproof for your gift recipient to measure out the traditional 1.5 teaspoons they'll need to make their brews: One scoop equals one perfect cup of tea. Plus, the lead-free borosilicate glass only looks delicate—it's well-made, according to Amazon shoppers, and strong enough to withstand a cleaning in the dishwasher.

gifts for tea lovers ember

Best Temperature-Controlled Mug

Think of this mug as the Rolls-Royce of tea cups. Not only does it have the ability to keep drinks warm for up to one-and-half hours, your tea drinker can pair it with the Ember app to maintain their perfect temperature—and that's good news, since any true tea drinker knows that the perfect cup shouldn’t be too hot or too cold. It also comes with an electric coaster that plugs into the wall to act as a charging station.

tea forte

8. Tea Forte Petite Presentation Box

Best Tea Sampler Box

Tea Forte tea bags, which fanatics of the drink may have come across at high-end restaurants, are easily recognizable by the pyramid packaging and whole tea leaves. This set will allow your giftee to explore the brand's offerings with its 10 organic tea infusers in five different varietals that will make them feel like they're being pampered right in their own kitchen.

tea acorus

Best Decaf Tea

Give your tea lover a trip around the world with this decaf sampler, which features unique teas from no less than six different regions. With a whopping 60 bags to a set in green, rooibos, chai, mate and herbal varieties, even the biggest connoisseurs of the drink are sure to come across at least a couple they haven’t yet tried—and not one of them will keep your giftee up all night.

gifts for tea lovers btat

Best Teacups

It doesn't get much fancier than these gorgeous bone china teacups and saucers, which feature a beautiful floral print with 10-karat gold trim. That means the tea enthusiast in your life can proudly host up to six guests for a cup of their most-loved brew. Better yet, each one comes in a distinctive color, so no one will get confused about whose cup is whose.

gifts for tea lovers mr coffee

Best Iced Tea Maker

For those who prefer their tea on ice, there's this iced tea maker from Mr. Coffee, which will churn up to 2 quarts of the stuff. Like a coffee maker, it's fairly easy to use: All they'll have to do is fill up the water in the reservoir, add loose or bagged tea to their heart's content and place ice in the pitcher. There's a programmable cleaning cycle to ensure no bacteria creeps in, and they won't even have to remember to shut it off, since there's an auto timer.

gifts for tea lovers thoughtfully

Best Tea Variety Pack

Give the gift of variety with this all-encompassing gift set. Inside, your giftee will find a whopping 24 different loose-leaf teas, plus a little infuser to use them with. Each tube makes two cups, so they'll also go a long way. Know more than a few fans of the beverage? Bust the package open and use the individual brews as stocking stuffers for multiple people!

gifts for tea lovers melville2

13. Melville Clover Honey Spoons

Best Honey Spoons

These sugary spoons are made of non-GMO cane sugar, organic tapioca syrup and honey, making for a perfectly natural way to sweeten a cup of hot tea. Each of the 30 included stirrer sticks are hand-poured and individually wrapped for a homemade feel. Put a few in a pretty mug with a couple of green teas for a leveled-up gift.

gifts for tea lovers le creuset

Best Tea Kettle

When it comes to kitchenware, French brand Le Creuset is as good as it gets, and this 1.7-quart tea kettle is no exception. With a a gorgeous stainless-steel exterior that will add an air of class to anyone's stove and a whistle that will let them know when the water is boiling, this thing is luxe. Its body is heat- and chip-resistant (so they'll likely have it for years and years to come), and when their drink is ready, the spout flips smoothly open for easy pouring.

gifts for tea lovers heart home

Best Teaspoon Set

This set of six mini tea teaspoons will brighten up any cup. Each one is hand-painted with a hole at the end for hanging and displaying (They do look like pieces of art, after all.) We also love that they're mismatched for a bit of a boho vibe—and we bet your giftee will, too.

gifts for tea lovers vahdam

16. Vahdam Teas Classic Blush Set

Best Loose-Leaf Tea

This set of three vegan, loose-leaf tin tea caddies just screams, "indulgence." Not only that, the earl gray and saffron marsala chais and Himalayan green varietals mean you won't have to try to figure out which type your loved one will prefer. While the 1.7 ounces each one provides might not sound like much, it makes up to 20 cups per tin. As a bonus gift, Vahdam Teas donates 1 percent of its revenue toward the education of its tea growers’ children in India.

gifts for tea lovers le creuset honey
Crate & Barrel

17. Le Creuset Stoneware Honey Pot

Best Honey Pot

Make like Winnie the Pooh and sweeten up their life with a little bit of honey. This saccharine stoneware pot is just the thing to store it in. According to its manufacturers, the fact that it's fired at temps topping 2,000 degrees means it's ultra-durable. It's stain- and scratch-resistant, and the matching honey spoon will rest perfectly inside when they're not topping off their favorite tea.

tea novel
Uncommon Goods

18. Novel Tea Book Tins

Best Tea Tins

Get them a "book" you just know they’ll love. These clever tea tins are plays on famous novels and feature names that complement the types of tea found inside. War and Peach, for instance, is a white tea with hints of peach, while Matcha Do About Nothing is a matcha powder tea. They're internationally sourced and blended by tea connoisseurs, so they aren’t just cute, but high-quality, too: Choose from 2- or 4-ounce options.

tea drop
Uncommon Goods

19. Tea Drop Sampler

Best Tea Drops

Tea Drops are the latest craze in tea. Essentially, these little morsels of leaves, sugar and spices melt into hot water to create a gourmet cup. This sampler includes 25 of them in a reusable wooden box, individually wrapped in an assortment of flavors that any trendsetter will love.

gifts for tea lovers graf lantz
West Elm

20. Graf Lantz Felt Coasters

Best Coasters

Every tea lover needs a good coaster to protect their furniture from drink rings. This set is a favorite because it's made of absorbent merino wool to soak up any little drips or spills. We also love these because the material is a natural insulator. They come in several color options to match your friend or family member’s vibe, and are four to a pack, so they can use them in multiple rooms.

gifts for tea lovers le creuset mugs

21. Le Creuset Stoneware Mugs

Best Tea Mugs

Tea drinkers will swoon over this set of four stoneware mugs. Available in three striking colors, they're larger than most at 14 ounces. Like most Le Creuset wares, they also function just as good as they look, with a naturally temperature-regulating stone material that will keep the cup warm, but not too hot. And, once they've drunk their last sip, they can throw it right into the dishwasher.

gifts for tea lovers mackenzie childs

22. Mackenzie-childs Maypole Tea Set

Best Tea Set

Mackenzie-Childs is one of those whimsical brands that tea aficionados simply cannot get enough of. Give them the holy grail with this eclectic tea set, which features every possible accoutrement your recipient could ever want for—and then some. It's plenty quality too, boding well for those looking to grow their teatime collection. (I would know—I've been using the same kettle from the company for three years now!).

tea chai

23. The Chai Box Chai Tea Sampler Set

Best Chai Tea

Chai tea drinkers tend to be pretty loyal to their favorite tea variety. If you know one, this sampler set will make the perfect gift. It includes six unique chais that are vegan and gluten free. Each pouch also contains enough loose tea for multiple cups once they've decided upon a favorite.

tea heart spoon

24. Heart Tea Spoon Holder

Best Tea Bag Holder

Tiny, delicate and eye-catching, these holders are handmade with love. They're also just the right size for your giftee's errant teabags, spoons or anything else they may need to rest on it. They're easy to clean in the dishwasher and will look like a beautiful piece of art when not in use.

gifts for tea lovers zwilling
Saks Fifth Avenue

25. Zwilling Sorrento Double-wall Mugs

Best Double-Wall Glass Tea Mugs

The name Zwilling is pretty much synonymous with quality, and this set of two double-walled mugs makes it pretty easy to see why. Great for the minimalist tea drinker with a clean aesthetic, the design aims to keep beverages hotter, longer, while the exterior is said to remain cool to the touch.

tea gifts oceanstar

Best Tea Box

For the organizer in your life, there's this practical bamboo tea box. Complete with eight storage compartments that reportedly hold between eight to 10 bags each, it will tame even the most unruly arrangement of teas bags. There's a transparent frame (all the better to see their delectable brewing selections), and it also comes with a magnetic lock to keep their precious stock secure.

gifts for tea lovers taimei

Best Teapot Set

This trusty ceramic tea set features a modern golden marble design that will make your loved one’s daily tea-consuming experience a feast for the eyes as well as the tastebuds. With a drip-proof teapot to prevent any would-be spills, a stainless-steel infuser and a convenient serving tray, they won't even have to leave the couch to fully indulge in a good loose-leaf. Better yet, they can share the wealth, since it comes with four teacups.

tea mighttea

28. Mightea Women Of Herstory Tea Sampler

Best Themed Tea

What do you get when you combine kickass women with delicious tea? A pretty amazing gift! This exceptional tea sampler comes in two sizes (20 bags or 100), the wrapper for which features famous women throughout history, including Harriet Tubman, Marie Curie, and, of course, RBG. The first comes in a 100 percent recycled plastic cube (all the better to showcase the clever packaging), while the larger one comes in a ready-to-gift in a box.

tea pure zen

29. Pure Zen Tea Infuser Bottle

Best Tea Bottle

This dual-purpose bottle can be used to brew loose-leaf teas (both hot and iced) when they feel like a cup, but can also be used to make a glass of cool, refreshing cucumber water—or any fruit they so choose—on a hot summer's day. The double-walled glass and vacuum insulation will help to retain beverage temperatures, and the stainless-steel filter eliminates the need for a steeper. Add in the bamboo, leak-proof lid, and you just might have found them the perfect tea bottle.

tea personalized

30. Personalized Tea Spoon

Best Teaspoon

The most meaningful gifts are the ones that require thought and planning. This personalized engraved tea spoon will be worth it, however, since there'll be no mistaking who it belongs to in the family utensil drawer. Our favorite part about this option? The silver-plated vintage spoon dad's name will be printed on—each one is truly one-of-a-kind!

tea handmade1

31. Jkcreative Pottery Mug

Best Large Tea Mug

There's something extra special about drinking out of a handmade mug, and this one is particularly swoon-worthy because it's expertly made by a local artist in Kansas. Customers say the solid handle fits your hand just right, and you can pick one for your mother-in-law in eight different glazing options. It's also microwave-, dishwasher- and oven-safe, so it's sure to last her a good long while.

tea instant
Uncommon Goods

32. Instant Colorful Tea Latte Kits

Best Tea Kit

Like the Tea Drops sampler above, these tea cube kits offer a fun twist on tea for the adventurous sipper in your crew. Each kit includes a tea cube, a sugar cube and edible garnish (we're partial to the roses) that can added to hot water or milk for a traditional tea or a latte for a totally Gram-worthy moment. This set will also allow a finicky drinker to choose exactly how sweet or bitter they’d like their beverage.

gifts for tea lovers sweese

Best Tea Infuser Mug

Know someone who tends to be in a hurry in the mornings? Introduce them to this porcelain mug. With a high-quality, built-in infuser, they can brew on-the-go. They won't even have to worry about burning their hands, since there's a heat-insulated handle. And once they get where they're going, they can neatly use the lid as a coaster for the infuser.

tea housim

34. Housim 50-pack Tea Filter Bags

Best Tea Filter Bags

These tea filter bags will be just what your aunt reaches for the next time she goes to indulge in her favorite loose leaf. The reusable, unbleached cotton cheesecloth makes them more environmentally-friendly than paper filters. Also great for potpourri or spices, they fold up easily for compact storage, too.

tea gifts michael

Best Tea Starter Kit

For those who are just beginning to discover their passion for tea, you can't go wrong with this gift set. It has all the trimmings they'll need to turn the beverage into their next hobby, from the powder-coated, insulated cup that'll keep their drinks piping hot for up to a reported three hours at a time to the all-natural honey straws they can use to stir their them. They'll also get an assortment of 12 different flavors from wildly popular tea brands Twinnings or Tazo. What's not to like?

gifts for tea lovers adagio
Adagio Teas

36. Adagio Teas Mocktail Teas

Best Mocktail Teas

What do you get the tea lover who has it all? How about a new twist on an old favorite? This little kit comes with four tea "mocktails" that can take the place of their favorite libation come dry January. Thanks to these herbal, white and black varietals reminiscent of a peach bellini, pina colada, fuzzy navel or Kentucky bourbon, they won't even miss the booze.

gifts for tea lovers yeti

37. Yeti Rambler

Best Tea Travel Mug

Yeti is known for its supreme insulating abilities, making this the perfect gift for the tea lover who commutes. True to the brand, it has a double-walled, vacuum-insulated stainless-steel body for temperature retention and a magnetized lid that's designed to keep it locked nice and tightly. Iced tea drinkers will appreciate the no-sweat exterior, and they can throw it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

tea organic

38. Joygiftbox Organic Tea Gift Set

Best Organic Tea Gift

This beautiful tea gift set does all the work for you. Your loved one will receive three loose-leaf teas (choose from fruit, herbal, black or Christmas varieties), a honey dipper, a mug, 20 infuser bags, wildflower honey and a beautiful soy wax candle in a floral, lavender or vanilla scent. Since it's handmade, it doesn’t look like a commercially produced, and it can be sent directly to your recipient in its perfect packaging.

gifts for tea lovers owl s brew
Shady Lady

39. Owl's Brew Cocktail Mixer

Best Tea-Infused Mixers

When your tea lover needs to let loose, they need look no further than this tea-brewed cocktail mixer. Made with freshly brewed Darjeeling, strawberries and hibiscus, this naturally vegan, low-carb option will be a great alternative to a sugary juice. All they'll need to do is add one part of choice liquor to two parts mixer for the perfect tea cocktail in a hurry (though they also make great mocktails).

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