Introduced in the early 1980s, LaCroix sparkling water is having quite the resurgence. As in, it’s everywhere. People are obsessed. And yes, you can use it in cocktails, as evidenced by these nine delightful recipes. (Oh, and FYI, it’s pronounced la-CROY.)

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lacroix paloma
Sugar & Cloth

Spicy Paloma

Can you handle the heat?

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lacroix redspritzer
Aggie's Kitchen

Red Wine Berry Spritzer

Just think of the antioxidants.

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lacroix cherrylime
Making It With Stephany

Cherry Lime Sparkle

Floating maraschinos highly recommended.

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lacroix lemonmartini
With Salt & Wit

Sparkling Lemon Drop Martini

Shaken (and sparkling)…not stirred.

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lacroix guava
Boxwood Avenue

Guava, Pineapple & Coconut Cocktail

In the dictionary under "refreshing."

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lacroix blackberrymojito
Eating Bird Food

Blackberry Cucumber Skinny Mojito

Don’t hold back when it comes to garnishes.

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lacroix bruleedlemon
Boxwood Avenue

Bruleed Lemon Sour

Usually we save brûléeing for dessert, but we’re making an exception.

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lacroix grapefruit
Wilde Flavors

Grapefruit and Rosemary Margarita

If it’s flavor you want, it’s flavor you’re going to get.

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lacroix lemonberry
Pink on the Cheek

Lemon-Berry Cocktail

Simple, but oh so satisfying.

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