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How to Make DIY Microwave Popcorn in 3 Minutes
Aleksandr Kalugin/Getty Images

Fact: Most microwave popcorn—even the “natural” stuff—contains trans fats and artificial flavors. Yuck. But we have great news. It’s just as quick and easy to make your own.

What you need: Popcorn kernels, canola oil and salt (for flavor) and a brown paper lunch bag (or the one your vino came in).

Step 1: In a small bowl, toss ½ cup of popcorn kernels with ½ teaspoon of canola oil, a pinch of salt and any other seasonings you like on your popcorn (may we suggest nutritional yeast?). Oil isn’t strictly necessary, so if you’d like to go super light, it’s OK to skip.

Step 2: Pour the kernels into the bag and firmly fold the top over a few times to keep it shut.

Step 3: Microwave the bag for about 2 minutes, until the popping just starts to slow down. Babysit the bag and listen very carefully; because the bag isn’t coated with any fake linings, it can catch on fire (yikes) if you leave it in there for too long.

Step 4: Pour it into a big bowl and turn on Netflix.

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