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Our Sunday morning typically goes like this: Wake up, crave brunch, make brunch...then sit in the kitchen sobbing because, ugh, we forgot just how many pots and pans it takes to make brunch.

Meet the MasterPan ($80), a kitchen gadget that enables you to make scrambled eggs, bacon, pancakes, home fries, the works using one singular pan.

The nonstick frying pan is divided into five separate sections, so you can keep Sophie’s cheesy eggs far, far away from your over-easy ones. And a central baseplate conducts the heat to the outside edges, so you only need to turn on one burner to properly cook all areas. (FYI, the meat should go in the center griddle since that one's designed to be 15 to 20 percent hotter than the sides.)

Watch a quick video here to see the pan in action.

Necessary? Probably not. Crazy cool and dishsoap-saving? Absolutely!

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