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Ah, morning routines. In theory, ours would be a centering, peaceful ease into the day. In reality, we’re grabbing a granola bar as we sprint out the door. But, dear reader, we’ve found a better way. Upgrade your a.m. with these nine seriously delicious, seriously easy recipes.

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egg oatmeal1
Martha Stewart

Savory Oatmeal with Soft-Cooked Egg

Not a sweets-in-the-morning type of gal? Give savory oatmeal a shot. Modify this recipe by using quick-cooking oats and you’ve got a hearty, healthy breakfast that will keep you focused and full until lunch.

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french toast1
Pretty Prudent

2-Minute French Toast in a Cup

We could all use a little more French toast in our lives. This two-minute mug of crispy, gooey, eggy deliciousness makes that a reality no matter how harried your mornings get.

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egg hole1
Food Network


Pro tip: Don’t sleep on this childhood classic. It’s an ingenious way to eat a fried egg on the go, and it’s the sort of comfort food that will get you grounded before you go out to slay the day.

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Healthy Blender Recipes

Raw Vegan Blueberry Pie Smoothie

This healthified take on blueberry pie is dessert-for-breakfast that you can actually feel good about. With raw cashews and probiotic powder, this shake ensures you’ve done something good for your body before you even walk out the door.

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The Kitchn

Easy Polenta

You might not think “breakfast” when you think of polenta, but we invite you to embrace the golden cornmeal as an ideal alternative to oatmeal or grits. Add olive oil, nuts, figs—whatever your heart desires! It’s the perfect base for your favorite treats.  

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italian baked1
Damn Delicious

Italian Baked Eggs

Okay, so this recipe requires ten minutes of baking, but you can totally multitask and use that time to check off all the other morning tasks on your list. Cheese, a perfectly runny egg yolk and marinara make this one of the most luxurious ways to start your day.

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Averie Cooks

Apple Cinammon Crumble for One

Breakfast is so much better when it’s actually just dessert in disguise. Luckily, this one packs in some good-for-you ingredients like rolled oats and Fuji apples. Bonus points: It’s vegan and gluten-free.

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Mom On Time Out

Mocha Breakfast Shake

A delicious breakfast that packs in a caffeine boost is our idea of a life hack. Greek yogurt means you’ll get in a solid serving of protein, and cocoa powder means you’ll get in a solid serving of chocolate. Which, as we all know, is essential in the morning.

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almond butter2
ZiZi Adventures

Almond Butter Toast

Simple and satisfying, almond butter toast checks off all the boxes for above-average morning fuel. Make sure to use whole-wheat bread to keep you fuller longer and top the toast with whatever fresh fruit you have on hand.

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